POLL: Michigan voters favor support access to abortion, majorities favoring policies to remove barriers to abortion

This memo summarizes key findings from a survey among 1,482 Michigan voters, including over samples of Black voters, Latinx voters, and AAPI voters. The interviews were conducted online and via text-to-web from March 31toApril 6, 2023. The sample is demographically and geographically representative of the electorate and is consistent with the political dispositions of Michigan voters.

1. Michigan voters want abortion to be available and affordable for those who need it.

  • 72% of Michigan voters believe it is important for abortion to be available and affordable to anyone who needs it. This includes solid majorities of women and men;Black voters,Latinx voters, AAPI voters, and white voters; across generations, and among Democrats, independents, and suburban women.
  • Michiganders agree that regardless of income or the source of health insurance, everyone should haveaccess to abortion care.
  • 78% of voters agree that the amount of money someone has or does not have should notdetermine whether they can get healthcare services, including abortion.
  • 72% of voters agree that we need to remove barriers that make it harder for people working tomake ends meetto get quality healthcare, including abortion care.
  • 68% of voters agree that whether someone has private or government-funded health insurance, everyone should be able to get the full range of reproductive healthcare, including abortion.

2. By a significant margin (57% to 43%), Michigan voters favor Medicaid coverage of abortion, and support grows when voters are informed about current restrictions on abortion care for Medicaid enrollees.

  • Medicaid coverage of abortion garners majority support among women and men; Black voters, Latinx voters, AAPI voters, and white voters;Democrats and independents; and suburban women.Non-conservative Republicans (Republicans who identify as moderate or liberal ideologically)are close to split on the issue, with 47% favoring and 53% opposing Medicaid coverage of abortion.
  • After being informed that Medicaid currently pays for pregnancy care and childbirth but denies Medicaid coverage for the cost of an abortion, support forMedicaid coverage of abortion increases to 61% of voters supporting the policy change.

3.Two in three Michigan voters (66%) favor a proposal that would remove barriers to abortion care and ensure more Michiganders have access to safe, legal abortion and even larger majorities support a number of specific policies that will help accomplish that goal.

  • 78% of voters favor ensuring patients receive medically accurate information about their pregnancy options, including abortion, wherever they seek care.
  • 70% of voters favor repealing laws that force doctors to provide medically inaccurate and biased information about abortion.
  • 69% of voters favor ensuring Michiganders have access to the FDA-approved abortion medication.
  • 68%of voters favor allowing advanced practice clinicians who are properly trained to provide abortion care, including physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, and physician assistants.
  • 64% of voters favor allowing people seeking medication abortion to have the option to see their healthcare provider with telemedicine.