Nourbese Flint, President (she/her)

Nourbese is President of All* Above All and All* Above All Action Fund, leading All* Above All’s work to achieve abortion justice and build the political power of voters of color.  She previously served as Vice President of Strategy. 

Prior to coming to All* Above All, she was the Senior Director of Black Engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, where she worked on the strategic partnership to strengthen Planned Parenthood’s relationships within existing racial justice, reproductive justice, Black serving and civil rights organizations. 

Before coming east, Nourbese served as the founding Executive Director of Black Women for Wellness Action Project, the first Black women’s reproductive justice 501c4 organization in the country, and successfully led campaign efforts to get progressive candidates into office. She also served as policy director and led civic engagement efforts for Black Women for Wellness Action Project’s sister organization, Black Women for Wellness. 

Nourbese is a founding member of Trust Black Women, a national coalition dedicated to increasing respect and support of Black Women, and is one of the founding members of the Black Women’s Democratic Club. She has been featured inMSNBC, CalMatters, Newsweek, and more.  

Alicia, Associate Director of Events (she/her)

Alicia is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience in organizing and coordinating successful events for a variety of audiences. She is currently the Associate Director of Events and in this capacity she plans, organizes and executes various events nationally to educate, collaborate with partnerships, and shape policy to serve as a medium for abortion justice. Alicia has been in public service, event planning and coordination for many years with prior positions as department program assistant for Illinois Action for Children, a childcare advocacy agency.

Bianca, Associate Director of Political Strategies (she/her)

Bianca started at All* Above All in October 2021, creating c3 to c4 pipeline projects, collaborating with our c4 state partners, and pushing candidates to be bold on abortion. Now, as the Political Strategies Associate Director, Bianca is continuing to build the political landscape needed for abortion justice. Prior to All*, she led the grassroots community engagement initiatives around reproductive justice and voter engagement in AAPI communities in Georgia.

After a day of political analysis, Bianca loves to experiment with new recipes, play with her two cats, and listen to old school Bollywood songs.

Courtney, Executive Manager (she/her)

Courtney (she/her) is the Executive Manager at All* Above All. She works closely with the Executive team, delivering top-level support and collaborating with key leadership groups, including the Steering Committees. With a BFA from Chapman University, she is passionate about human rights, with a particular focus on advocacy for abortion justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and gender equality.

In her free time, Courtney enjoys attending concerts, watching films, traveling, and spending time with her two french bulldogs.

Gloria, Deputy Director of Movement Building (she/her)

Gloria is the Deputy Director of Movement at All* Above All, where she assesses the reproductive justice movement and develops plans to shift the landscape towards abortion justice. She has been with All* since February 2022. Prior to All* Above All, Gloria worked as the Manager of Public Policy and Organizing for Arkansas and Oklahoma at Planned Parenthood Great Plains, where she developed political strategy, lobbied for state abortion policy, sexual and reproductive health policy, oversaw state organizing programs, electoral endorsement processes, and built relationships with elected officials.

When she’s not attempting to change the world through social justice, Gloria can be found chasing after her foster children, enjoying a good cocktail, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, or hanging out with her friends.

Laura, Director of Operations (she/her)

Laura strives to make systems work for people. She is new to the abortion justice sphere, having spent more than a decade in politico-enviro work in Florida where she helped change the state constitution and register several thousand new voters.

When not working, she can be found trying out a new recipe or hiking with her family. She loves film, fiction, art, and music, and believes in the power of storytelling to heal and transform a society.

Morgan Hopkins, Strategic Advisor, (she/her)

Morgan Hopkins is a strategic advisor to All* Above All. She has more than a decade of experience in the field of abortion rights and justice, with expertise in grassroots organizing, policy, coalition-building, and political strategy.  

She has served as All* Above All’s President, Interim Executive Director of Campaigns and Strategies, and Political Strategies Director. During her tenure, Morgan has been dedicated to building and strengthening partnerships, moving bold, innovative policy initiatives, shaping narrative, and building cross-movement support for access to abortion care.  


She is a frequent commentator in the media on politics and abortion rights and has been featured in outlets like Vox, USA Today, and Politico.   

Myeong, Head of Operations (they/them)

Myeong joined All* Above All in 2023 and brings 20 years of work experience in social justice and human rights spanning work as a photographer, organizer, technologist and digital security advisor with activists organizing for peace, women’s and gender rights, lgbtqi+ rights, immigration justice, digital and privacy rights. They have had the privilege of collaborating with activists and human rights defenders in many regions and countries.

They are committed to Korean Peace and Reunification movement and find inspiration and wisdom in working alongside others with the deep understanding that our liberation is linked. Myeong holds a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2003) and an MA from University of California Berkeley in Information Science (2010). They were a 2017-2018 Fellow with Data and Society and a 2017 Digital Integrity Fellow with the Open Technology Fund.

Ryan, Deputy Director of People, Recruiting (he/they)

Ryan holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership with a focus on Human Resources from the University of Colorado Boulder, and a Bachelor of Arts in French & Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago, Ryan brings a comprehensive perspective to talent development. Throughout their career, Ryan has been instrumental in furthering missions related to economic mobility, diversity in tech, as well as supporting hiring for numerous nonprofit clients. As a dedicated Career Specialist, Employer Relations Manager, and Recruitment Manager, Ryan has facilitated valuable connections, orchestrated impactful career events, and spearheaded initiatives for fostering inclusive hiring practices. This diverse journey underscores a commitment to excellence, innovative program development, and championing inclusive hiring practices in both nonprofit and education spheres. Excited to contribute to All* Above All’s success and advocate for abortion justice, Ryan stands ready to leverage their expertise in talent management, program development, and strategic collaboration to make a meaningful impact in building talent to contribute to All* Above All’s mission and goals.

Shannon Deamer Cameron, Head of People (she/her)

Shannon joins the All* team with a wealth of knowledge and experience, having founded her own firm, The Deamer Group, committed to talent transformation and HR consulting for companies across the US. Shannon has also led a talent acquisition department for the global nonprofit World Relief, serving refugees and critical needs across the globe.

Shannon’s professional goal is to continue transforming the way people work in order to serve both the needs of the individual and the organization. Within the movement, Shannon dreams of a world where our bodies are our own, and the government stays out of our healthcare and our personal decisions.

When not working, Shannon enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering within her community. A true Louisianan, she’s been known to track down the best deals for crawfish.

Maddie Katz, Associate Director of Finance (she/her)

Maddie most recently served the Strategic Partnerships & Constituency Operations Coordinator at Planned Parenthood where she streamlined operational processes to move more than $5 million in grants, honorariums, contracts, and more. Through her work she supported peak and rapid response moments, championed partners in cross movement campaigns, helped to fund abortion access work, and invested in Latinx communities.

Before Planned Parenthood, Maddie acted as the Community Outreach Manager at Educators Rising, where she built and managed relationships with more than 100 school district officials, non-profit leaders, and government officials to garner support for the Educators Rising Curriculum, a teacher preperatory program to encourage high school students to enter the education field.

Maddie adores her two all-black kitties, Olivia and Harvey. She loves playing board games with her husband and friends, going out for karaoke, taking Orange Theory classes, and trying every sushi restaurant in the DC metro area!


Daniel Mosher, Deputy Director of State Strategies (he/him)

Daniel joins the All* team after serving as Chief of Staff to New York State Senator Brian Kavanagh where he ran the legislative and community affairs operation on behalf of over 320,000 constituents in Lower Manhattan. With Sen. Kavanagh’s office, he drafted and helped enact several pieces of progressive legislation, including the 2023 All-Electric Buildings Act, the first state law in the nation banning fossil fuels in new construction, as well as new laws in the areas of housing, gun violence prevention, environmental protection, and voting rights. Now with All*, Daniel aims to engage more people in their state and local governance as part of a broader long-term goal to expand local and state political participation.

In his spare time, Daniel loves to cook and share meals with friends and family. He’s a proud New Yorker and a long suffering New York sports fan. He enjoys golf and discussing ways to make the game more environmentally sustainable. Before his career in public service, his first job was in the film industry and mostly entailed driving a large van through Manhattan at rush hour.