Medication abortion care is a safe, effective option for ending an early pregnancy.

But FDA restrictions require patients to find a health care provider who has agreed to prescribe, stock, and dispense it themselves. Therefore, very few providers offer it. And it can’t be picked up at your local pharmacy.

These restrictions push abortion care out of reach for people who are already marginalized by our health care system—especially Black and brown women who are struggling to make ends meet, those who live in rural areas, and those without a nearby abortion provider.

Given it’s 20-year track record of safety and effectiveness, It’s time to follow the science.

Patients should be able to receive their medications for abortion care in the way that makes the most sense for them, whether that is at a health center, their local pharmacy or delivered to their home.

Join us in calling on FDA to lift their outdated restrictions.

Medication abortion care is used by about 4 in 10 patients who have abortions.

  • Outdated FDA restrictions require providers to act as both prescriber and pharmacists.
  • Anti-abortion politicians in 19 states have banned the use of medication abortion care through telemedicine.

Medication abortion can be safely provided through telehealth, where patients consult with their providers by video or telephone.


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