It’s Time to be Bold AFgreen asterisk

Our ability to determine our own future is a basic right.

We rise for justice, for compassion, for dignity.

We’re building power together.

We’re speaking our truths together.

Until no politician can dictate our decisions. Until each of us can make our decisions about pregnancy and parenting based on what is best for us.

Until we win.
Be Bold. Join Us.


34 states and the District of Columbia do not cover abortion within their state Medicaid programs, except for limited exceptions. Does yours?
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Restricting Medicaid coverage of abortion forces 1 in 4 poor women seeking an abortion to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

Will you join us to ensure abortion coverage for all?

Bold Action Plan

We’re done waiting. Here’s our 4-part BOLD Action Plan to lift bans on abortion coverage. Join us today to speak up, act, and organize. Together we’ll #BeBoldEndHyde.

Be the Change

Be informed. Learn more about the harms of abortion coverage bans.

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Outshine the Opposition

Ignite actions in your community to end restrictions on abortion coverage.

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Let ‘Em Know

Tell lawmakers to stop interfering in our personal decisions.

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Dare to Declare

Spark courageous conversations with friends & family about keeping abortion available to each of us.

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It Simply Can’t Be Said Enough

Abortion coverage is an economic justice issue. Period.


united to restore and sustain abortion coverage for low-income PEOPLE

We unite organizations and individuals to build support for lifting bans that deny abortion coverage. Our vision is to restore insurance coverage so that each of us, however much we make, can get affordable, safe abortion care when we need it.