It often feels as if we’re not all playing on a level economic playing field.

Some of us—especially women of color—are swimming upstream against politicians and policies that make it nearly impossible to stay afloat economically.

Fair wages, decent working conditions, and access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, help ensure that all of us can be healthy and live with dignity.

Yet when politicians promote policies that make it harder to prevent unintended pregnancy and impossible to get an abortion, while also penalizing parents for having children, we just can’t win.

Low wages and lack of health insurance can make it impossible for many workers to afford housing, pay for food for their families, or pay for reproductive healthcare like birth control and prenatal care.

No one should face the impossible choice between paying for basic needs or paying for health services like birth control, prenatal care, or abortion.

Our ability to make decisions about pregnancy and parenting can’t be separated from the economic realities of our lives.

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  • Labor protections, including for tipped, domestic, and farm workers, are necessary to create an environment where workers can care for ourselves and our families.
  • Health insurance coverage for reproductive healthcare is an important part of ensuring that we have equal economic opportunities.