Bold Vision, Brave Action for a Future without Hyde

For 40 years, politicians have used the Hyde Amendment to deny health coverage for those enrolled in Medicaid. This ban pushes abortion out of reach – and falls hardest on those struggling to get by.


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What are your state’s laws when it comes to abortion coverage?

35 States + D.C. deny a woman’s coverage just because she is poor. Click on any state to find out more about state laws and get inspired by people taking action.

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Bold Vision, Brave Action

We have a bold vision – that each of us to should be able to make decisions about pregnancy and parenting that are best for our families without political interference.

Share your BOLD visions and BRAVE actions for a future without Hyde. Upload your thoughts, stories, photos, and videos.

From our friends at NARAL-“Hyde is discriminatory, outdated, sexist,and wrong”

@NCJW @TheRAC & @Catholic4Choice-#Faith4Coverage on Capitol Hill uniting to #BeBoldEndHyde

Congrats to the Philadelphia City Council on passing its resolution to #BeBoldEndHyde!

MTV’s Julianne Ross-“Make sure this Hyde birthday is the last”.  See her full video here.


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