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The EACH Woman Act ensures coverage for abortion for every woman, however much she earns or however she is insured.

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100 Days for Coverage

Congresswoman Barbara lee -
Day 1
Barbara Lee

“The EACH Woman Act is a bold and groundbreaking step forward. This legislation would ensure that every woman can access ALL of her healthcare options…”

chicago schakowsky -
Day 2
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

“Women and their doctors should make medical decisions, not politicians.”

degettesquare -
Diana DeGette

“The vast majority of Americans think that a woman’s private health care decisions should be made between herself, her family, and her doctor.”

Slaughter square -
Louise Slaughter

“It is grounded in the principle of equality for all Americans, and the fundamental right at the heart of the American experiment — that every individual can decide to live their life based upon their conscience, their decisions and their beliefs.”

Thurgood_Marshall_APPROVED big -
Justice Thurgood Marshall

“The Hyde Amendment [is] designed to deprive poor and minority women of the constitutional right to choose abortion.”

NNAFphoto -
National Network of Abortion Funds

“Abortion Funds are on the front-lines heeding calls nationwide from those who need, but cannot afford or access healthcare. The EACH Woman Act is a pivotal step toward making sure that ALL people with insurance can access all of their pregnancy options, regardless of income.”

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

“Many Asian American and Pacific Islander women struggle to make ends meet–almost one-third of all Hmong, Burmese, and Bangladeshi American women in our community live in poverty. NAPAWF is all in to lift bans on abortion coverage to ensure their voices are heard.”

NARAL square -

“NARAL Pro-Choice America supports lifting the ban on abortion coverage because reproductive freedom is economic freedom!”

AFY100 -
Advocates for Youth

“Advocates for Youth believes reproductive justice is inextricably linked with economic justice. We must stand up for young women and those living in poverty who are left struggling to access the abortion care they need because of stigma-induced bans on abortion coverage.”

Moore_APPROVED crop -
DAY 10
Gwen Moore

“Low-income, particularly women of color, have been disproportionately affected by the implementation of Hyde.”

Western States Center -
DAY 11
Western States Center

“Western States Center supports lifting abortion bans because people should be able to expect love and support instead of shame and silence.”

WillieParkerPhoto2square -
DAY 12
Dr. Willie Parker

“All health insurance plans should cover abortion. Whether it is federally funded, whether it is private insurance.”

norton.sm -
DAY 13
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

“The abortion ban [restricting local DC funds from covering abortion] deprives DC’s low-income women of the reproductive rights exercised by other American women.”

IOOVcentered -
DAY 14
In Our Own Voice / National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Collective

“The EACH Woman Act puts reproductive health decisions back in the hands of the woman, whether she has private or government-funded health insurance. This allows her to make the important personal decisions that are best for herself and her family.”

grijalva sq -
DAY 15
Congressman Raul Grijalva

“It’s time to repeal that Hyde Amendment that has been both discriminatory and punitive to women as a whole and discriminatory to women of color and poor women in this country.”

New York Street Team (1) -
DAY 16
All* Above All 2 Year Anniversary

“As those who are most affected when politicians withhold abortion coverage, millennials and people of color are standing up to the continued avalanche of attempts to disenfranchise them and their decision-making.”

Quigley -
DAY 17
Congressman Mike Quigley

“The reality is, by banning public funds for abortion services, we are denying access to legal and constitutionally protected services. Having a right and being able to exercise that right are two very different things.”

Mike Honda_APPROVED sq -
DAY 18
Congressman Mike Honda

“…Access to full pregnancy care should not be denied to a woman because she is poor. Congress should not be able to deny women the right to make her own reproductive decisions. How long do we have to say that? How long? “

EWA_100Days_CRRLogo (1) -
DAY 19
Center for Reproductive Rights

“Countries around the world have government health programs that provide insurance coverage for abortion. Not the United States. The Center for Reproductive Rights supports the EACH Woman Act because every woman deserves the care she needs—no matter her income or where she lives.”

JudyChu_sq -
DAY 20
Congresswoman Judy Chu

“We know that this attack on poor women is an attack on all women. By denying federal insurance coverage of abortion, Hyde puts this access out of reach for so many. We cannot sit back and watch the constitutional right of women deteriorate any further.”