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If Trump Gets His Way, These Will Be the First Places to Ban Abortion

They have “trigger” laws ready if Roe is overturned. HANNAH LEVINTOVA Pro-choice demonstrators march to the US Capitol in 1971. Associated Press Like many Democrats, State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, who is now in her 12th term representing Illinois’ 12th district, didn’t expect Donald Trump to win the presidency. But on November 9, Feigenholtz, a longtime […]

Valentine’s Day 2017

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Six Things You Can Learn From A Woman Who Has Fought For Abortion Rights For 18 Years

By MORGAN BRINLEE Abortion has long been a controversial topic, so it might be no surprise women are still fighting for bodily autonomy and reproductive rights 44 years after the Supreme Court recognized a woman’s right to abortion. But while Roe v. Wade has faced a slew of challenges since 1973, this year feels like […]

How These States Are Fighting For Reproductive Rights

KIMBERLY TRUONG PHOTO: NICOLE MABRY/NBC/GETTY IMAGES. If you’ve been keeping an eye on news regarding women’s reproductive rights, you’ve probably noticed that things are looking relatively bleak. But the battle is far from over. As some states have become emboldened to attempt to restrict reproductive healthcare access, Oregon and Illinois have stepped forward to propose […]