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What Women Do When They Can’t Afford an Abortion

When Ariana Menefee found out that she was pregnant seven years ago, she knew immediately that she needed an abortion. “My pregnancy was a surprise. I had no intention of having children at the time,” she told me over the phone from her home in Bedford Heights, Ohio.  At that point, she was homeless and […]

Abortion Coverage Map 2016

What are your state’s laws when it comes to abortion coverage? 35 States + D.C. deny a woman’s coverage just because she is poor. Click on any state to find out more about state laws and get inspired by people taking action. Map Data Sources: Guttmacher Institute. (July 2016). Abortion in the Lives of Women […]

Anti-Abortion Legislators Feign Concern for Black Families

Republican leadership is ending the 114th Congress much the way it began, by ignoring widespread public pleas to end the violent policing that killed over a thousand people last year and deciding instead to push for yet more abortion restrictions. Meanwhile, the first legislation introduced this session was the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.” Its […]