All* Above All Announces Expanded Work and New Campaign for Abortion Justice Ahead of Roe v. Wade Anniversary and Biden-Harris Inauguration

January 12, 2021


Contact: Alexa Garcia-Ditta,

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, after seven years of trailblazing work to restore insurance coverage of abortion, All* Above All is expanding its scope.  It will apply its innovative organizing strategies to more issues and call for policy solutions for abortion care that incorporate economic, racial, and immigrant justice.

“In just seven years, All* Above All has completely changed the game when it comes to lifting abortion coverage bans. That’s thanks to the leadership of women of color, deep partnerships with national, state, and local organizations, and fearless elected officials committed to ensuring that people struggling financially have access to care,” said Silvia Henriquez, co-president of All* Above All. “Now we’re harnessing that power to take on more bold issues as a catalyst for abortion justice.”

All* Above All’s expansion comes just days before the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which despite establishing legal abortion in the United States has never been enough to ensure people can get the care they need, especially those working to make ends meet. For decades, restrictions like the Hyde Amendment and hundreds of state laws designed to push abortion care out of reach and shut down abortion clinics have fallen hardest on people struggling financially. Systemic racism, economic insecurity, and immigration status multiply these already-massive barriers to abortion care.

As its first action under this expanded work, All* Above All released today its First 100 Days Agenda for Abortion Justice and will be launching a series of online ads calling on the incoming Biden-Harris administration to enact policies that ensure everyone can get the abortion care they need to thrive in their communities and live with economic security and dignity. Specific policy recommendations include:

  • Lifting bans that deny abortion coverage like the Hyde Amendment, including the presidential budget without abortion coverage bans;
  • Directing the FDA to follow science and review medically unnecessary regulations on medication abortion, so people can safely and quickly get the care they need during the pandemic and beyond;
  • Raising the federal minimum wage to $15/hour;
  • Protecting essential workers from deportation, and;
  • Including low-wage, union and non-union workers in economic recovery efforts.

“After four years of the Trump administration’s blatantly racist anti-abortion agenda that has denied people of color their dignity, and as the pandemic continues to disproportionately impact communities of color, there has never been a more critical moment to forge a new path forward,” said Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and All* Above All steering committee member. “We’re excited that All* Above All is expanding its mission and launching a new agenda that rightly connects abortion access to racial, economic, and immigrant justice. We urge our elected officials to join us as we build a future that goes beyond legal abortion and addresses the barriers that create injustice and inequality.”

With a new administration and Congress on the horizon, there is more momentum than ever to enact solutions that ensure abortion care is affordable and available to all. As experienced policy movers and network builders who have transformed the dialogue around abortion coverage from Congress to state legislatures and city halls, All* Above All will continue to bring partners together and work with national, state and local leaders to build a future with abortion justice.

Click here to view the First 100 Days Agenda for Abortion Justice and learn more about the campaign.


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