A Statement from the All* Above All Executive Team and Steering Committee

September 12, 2023

After a decade of meaningful work and groundbreaking wins, All* Above All remains committed to creating a world where abortion care is affordable, available, and supported for everyone who needs it. With recent devastating losses for abortion access, our movements at-large and All* Above All are at an inflection point. In order to be most effective, we must evolve to meet the current moment. All* Above All has always operated with the belief that experimentation, innovation, and failing forward is necessary to meet our vision. And it is in that spirit that we are restructuring the organization.  

While we undergo this transformation, we remain steadfast that true abortion justice must incorporate racial justice. We know that race, economic insecurity, and immigration status can multiply the already-massive barriers to abortion care, leaving communities of color disproportionately impacted. As our organization enters this time of immense evolution, it will be done so through a lens that prioritizes better serving communities of color. 

This restructure builds on our past success, addresses current internal and external challenges, and prepares us for the future. We are creating the structures that are needed for us to boldly advocate and build the political power needed to advance abortion justice.

Let’s push forward boldly, together – 

The All* Above All Executive Team and Steering Committee