2021 National Poll Highlights Strong Support for Abortion Coverage

March 25, 2021

According to a new Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of All* Above All, nearly six in ten Americans support public and private insurance coverage for abortion.

Nearly six in ten Americans believe that health insurance should cover abortion, whether it is public or private insurance.

  • Nationally, 58% of the public favors coverage of abortion care, compared to 40% who disagree.
  • There are even higher rates of support for insurance coverage of abortion among young people ages 18 – 24 (68%), people under 50 (64%) and women (62%).


  • Additionally, two-thirds (66%) of people who may be feeling economically insecure support coverage agree with this.[1]







[1] People who say they are only slightly confident or not at all confident they could come up with $2,000 for unexpected needs.