”President Biden is a compassionate leader who supports healthcare access and economic security for all people. His values align with abortion justice: He has prioritized racial equity, economic security and pandemic relief during his first 100 days in office,” Silvia Henriquez, co-president of All* Above All, said in a statement emailed to Playboy. “We’re urging him to use his bully pulpit to send a message about his commitment to abortion justice as a part of racial and economic justice. Equally important are the actions he takes. We’re watching closely for him to follow through on his campaign promises to end the Hyde Amendment. A presidential budget without the Hyde Amendment and lifting barriers to medication abortion care fit squarely within President Biden’s stated priorities of racial equity and pandemic relief.”

Publication Name: Playboy
Link: https://www.playboy.com/read/why-wont-president-biden-utter-the-word-abortion