“We commend President Biden for alluding to the abortion care crisis we’re in, but it’s not enough,” Morgan Hopkins, interim executive director of campaigns and strategies at All* Above All, a reproductive justice organization, told HuffPost after Biden’s State of the Union address.

“Last year, President Biden pledged a ‘whole of government’ response to Texas’ extreme abortion ban, and six months later, we need to see more concrete steps from the White House to address the crisis we are in,” Hopkins continued. “Anti-abortion state politicians are pushing a record number of restrictions and a looming Supreme Court decision could devastate access in even more states. No one should be forced to travel to another state for abortion care because of political gamesmanship. It’s no game, because people of color working to make ends meet are the ones hurt most. The urgent moment we are in demands action. Abortion justice can’t wait.”

Publication Name: Huffington Post
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