All* Above All Statement on Walgreens, CVS Pharmacies Stocking Mifepristone

March 1, 2024
Today, CVS and Walgreens announced that select retail locations will begin stocking mifepristone for the first time in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Nourbese Flint, President of All* Above All,
released the following statement:

“Today’s announcement means people in some states will be able to get the medication abortion care they need in ways that are comfortable and make sense for them, including picking up their prescription at a local retail pharmacy. Still, threats remain—including politically motivated restrictions that push it out of reach for people working to make ends meet, young people and people who live in rural communities, and a baseless lawsuit soon to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court that jeopardizes access, especially via telehealth, nationwide.

To achieve abortion justice, medication abortion, and all abortion care options, must be affordable and available for anyone who needs it, however much they earn or wherever they live.”