All* Above All Statement on EMTALA Decision

June 27, 2024

Today, the Supreme Court decided to dismiss the EMTALA emergency abortion care case.

All* Above All, President Nourbese Flint shared this statement in response:

Today the court took the politically convenient route by temporarily upholding federal protections for pregnant people five months. Let’s be clear—the bar is in hell. This case should never have been taken up by the courts in the first place. Dismissing the case has everything to do with politics and little to do with protecting people’s health and safety. Anti-abortion politicians are putting people’s lives, health, and future fertility on the line to further their political agenda. It is important for us who believe in freedom, autonomy over our bodies, and a functioning democracy to understand that these extreme justices are still in pursuit of power, even if it is delayed. Our communities deserve better.”