At least 28% of people of reproductive age are affected by coverage bans in pennsylvania.
  • Medicaid does not cover abortions in Pennsylvania.
  • Private insurance is allowed to cover abortions.
  • Abortion coverage is banned in plans sold on the Affordable Care Act health exchange, with limited exceptions. Coverage is only available with purchase of a separate rider at an additional cost.
  • Pennsylvania public employees are banned from abortion coverage, with limited exceptions.

What is being done to remove coverage bans?

The EACH Act will ensure coverage for abortion for every woman, however much she earns or however she is insured.

  • Co-sponsors of EACH Act in Pennsylvania: Rep. Cartwright, Matt, Rep. Dean, Madeleine, Rep. Doyle, Michael F., Rep. Evans, Dwight, Rep. Scanlon, Mary Gay, Rep. Wild, Susan
  • All* Above All Campaign Partners: ACLU of Pennsylvania, Allentown Women’s Center, Inc., Women’s Law Project, Women’s Medical Fund – Philadelphia, New Voices for Reproductive Justice, The Women’s Centers
  • Cities: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

Abortion Coverage by State

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