At least 19% of people of reproductive age are affected by coverage bans in nevada.
  • Medicaid does not cover abortions in Nevada.
  • Private insurance may cover abortions.
  • The Affordable Care Act is not restricted from covering abortions.
  • Nevada public employees are allowed abortion coverage.

What is being done to remove coverage bans?

The EACH Woman Act will ensure coverage for abortion for every woman, however much she earns or however she is insured.

  • Co-sponsors of EACH Woman Act in Nevada: Rep. Horsford, Steven, Rep. Lee, Susie, Rep. Titus, Diana, Sen. Cortez Masto, Catherine, Sen. Rosen, Jackie
  • All* Above All Campaign Partners: Western States Center

Abortion Coverage by State

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  • Amid the Bans, Abortion Advocates Are Winning Key State Victories

    July 11, 2019
    Despite the terrifying start to 2019 for abortion providers and their patients, June brought an unprecedented wave of wins as states like Illinois, Maine, Nevada and Vermont struck down antiquated laws and enacted new, historic protections and care expansions.
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