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  • A Rare Victory for Abortion Access

    June 14, 2021
    The Nation
    “We started where we thought we’d be lucky if we had 40 people on a bill at introduction,” said Destiny Lopez, copresident of All* Above All. “We now have 155 people in the House, 27 in the Senate. So it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”
  • Biden Budget Plan Would Remove Ban on Federal Funds for Abortion

    May 28, 2021
    The Wall Street Journal
    President Biden’s budget proposal removes language banning the use of federal dollars for abortions in most cases, fulfilling a campaign pledge and setting up a fight in Congress, where most Republicans are opposed to the change. The president’s budget, released Friday, doesn’t include the 1976 Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funding for abortion with exceptions … Continued
  • Biden Omits Hyde Amendment From Budget, Keeping Promise To Defend Abortion Rights

    May 28, 2021
    Huffington Post
    President Joe Biden’s promise to support abortion rights was reflected in his budget proposal to Congress for fiscal 2022. Biden’s budget proposal, submitted Friday, does not include the Hyde Amendment, which denies insurance coverage for abortions to people who receive their health coverage through government-sponsored plans like Medicaid. Although abortion has been protected since 1973 … Continued
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