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  • Abortion Advocates’ Biggest Priorities For The Next 4 Years

    January 22, 2021
    “We’ve long known that the promise of Roe v. Wade was never real for working families in America,” Kelsey Ryland, co-director of All* Above All, a reproductive justice policy and strategy organization, tells Bustle. That’s why, she adds, now’s the time to “re-imagine” what Roe can do for people. “The courts are one piece of protecting access to abortion care, but … Continued
  • Biden readies sweeping rollback of Trump-era abortion crackdown

    January 18, 2021
    NBC News
    President-elect Joe Biden is poised to roll back several of the Trump administration’s most restrictive sexual and reproductive health policies, including limits on abortion. Reproductive rights advocates expect Biden to quickly overturn Trump-era rules, like banning federal funds for foreign and national health organizations that promote and provide abortion and giving employers more freedom to … Continued
  • When Biden Takes Office, Undoing Trump’s Health Policies Won’t Be Easy

    January 8, 2021
    Even with Democrats technically in the majority in Congress, the party split is so slim that passing major health care legislation will be extremely difficult. So speculation about President-elect Joe Biden’s health agenda has focused on the things he can accomplish using executive authority. Although there is a long list of things he could do, … Continued
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