West Virginia is one of 15 states that use their own revenues to pay for abortion coverage for women enrolled in Medicaid.


Advocates Push to End Federal Abortion Funding Bans

- RH Reality Check

Advocates noted that federal funding for abortion is not a cultural issue, but an economic and racial justice issue. Women of color, low-income women, Native American women, young women, and immigrant women are disproportionately affected by federal abortion funding bans.

Taking Bold Action to Lift Abortion Coverage Bans: States and Cities Lead the Way

- National Partnership for Women & Families

Charleston, West Virginia wouldn’t at first glance seem to have much in common with Cerritos College, a predominantly Latino community college with its campus in Los Angeles. But thanks to the All* Above All campaign, both are places where people are mobilizing in support of their shared belief that every woman, however much she makes or wherever she lives, […]

Local Group Wants Ban on Tax-Payer Funding for Abortions


More than a dozen people gathered at the state capitol today for a press conference to call for a ban on tax-payer funding for abortions. The grassroots effort was launched by West Virginians for Life. Supporters said they don’t believe in paying for a procedure they think is morally reprehensible. Click through to read more.

Pro-Choice Groups Protest Morrisey at Capitol

- Charleston Daily Mail

Pro-choice groups led by WV Free protest West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s unfair targeting of women’s health care providers. Click through to read more.

Pro-Choice Advocates Rally at the Capitol

- WOWK, TV CH 13

Nearly 100 pro-choice advocates gathered in the capital to send a message to Attorney General Patrick Morrisey on West Virginia’s abortion laws. Click through to read more.

Abortion Rights Rally at State Capitol

- The Charleston Gazette

Over 300 advocates gathered to protest state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s proposed regulations targeting the state’s abortion clinics. Click through to read more.

West Virginians Rally for Reproductive Rights

- Al Jazeera America

Video footage of the rallies in West Virginian against investigation into the state’s two abortion clinics. Click through to read more and watch the video.

Margaret Chapman Pomponio: Get Facts before Suing over Abortion

- The Charleston Gazette

We recently wrote to West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to voice our shared concerns over his recent inquisition and media campaign that singles out women’s health centers in West Virginia. Click through to read more.