We Won’t Be Punished: H.R.7 Action Toolkit

The anti-abortion leadership in Congress is prioritizing a vote on January 24th on H.R.7, sweeping legislation that interferes with our ability to make decisions about abortion by permanently banning coverage for abortion care. Anti-abortion senators also introduced a companion bill earlier this week.

Here’s a few ways you can take action:
Contact Your Legislator: 

What to say: Hi, my name is (name) from (city, state). I’m calling to urge (your representative’s name) to oppose H.R.7, sweeping legislation to make abortion coverage bans permanent. As your constituent, I ask that you oppose this harmful legislation! Has (your representative’s name) indicated how he/she will vote on this bill?

If your Rep. plans to vote against the bill: Thank you! I appreciate (your representative’s name) commitment to reproductive health, rights, and justice.

If your Rep. plans to vote for the bill or gives an ambiguous response: This is more than just meddling in women’s healthcare decisions – it’s an all-out ban for some women. Studies show that when policymakers place severe restrictions on Medicaid coverage of abortion, it forces one in four poor women to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. I hope you consider opposing this harmful legislation.

(hang up)

Show Your Opposition to this Legislation on Social Media: 

Follow @AllAboveAll and #BeBoldEndHyde on Twitter for live updates. Sample posts are below:

  • I respect the personal decisions of women and families–that’s why I’m working to #BeBoldEndHyde & oppose #HR7. bit.ly/RejectHR7
  • I oppose #HR7. No one should be denied coverage for abortion care just because they’re poor. bit.ly/RejectHR7 #BeBoldEndHyde
  • #HR7 is part of the Trump-Pence agenda to punish women by pushing safe & affordable abortion care out of reach #WontBePunished #BeBoldEndHyde
  • Americans agree: We should be able to make decisions about abortion w/o politicians interfering. bit.ly/1Hi6eOY #BeBoldEndHyde
  • Attempts to make Hyde permanent cut off care from those who need it most: low income families,young people, women of color. #BeBoldEndHyde

Don’t Forget to Thank the Legislators Who Speak Out in Opposition to HR7! 

  • Thank you (@reptwitterhandle) for opposing HR7 & speaking out against efforts to push affordable abortion care out of reach. #BeBoldEndHyde
  • Thank you (@reptwitterhandle) for supporting women & families & opposing efforts to make abortion coverage bans permanent. #BeBoldEndHyde
  • Thank you (@reptwitterhandle) for rejecting HR7 & respecting the personal decisions of women & families. #BeBoldEndHyde

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