Trump Victory Puts Abortion Access at Risk

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 9, 2016 

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Advocates redouble commitment to end Hyde Amendment, protect and preserve abortion access and coverage for all

Washington D.C. (November 9, 2016)-The unexpected election of Donald Trump to the Presidency has left advocates for abortion access deeply concerned about the future for women’s health and rights in the U.S.

“We stand with a majority of Americans in our unwavering belief that each of us should be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect.  That includes being able to make decisions about pregnancy and parenting, however much we earn or wherever we live,” said Destiny Lopez, Co-director of All* Above All. “That’s the world we’re building toward.”

“During this campaign, Donald Trump played to the darkest impulses and prejudices of the American people,” Lopez added.

“We already know that Trump wants to eliminate legal abortion and anti-choice extremists are gearing up to make his agenda real. Together, Trump and Pence represent the worst ideas and most extreme views on abortion – women have a lot to be worried about,” said Kierra Johnson, Executive Director, Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE).

Johnson continued, “But we also have cause to be hopeful. We are building a movement based on the shared values of a majority of Americans, uniting women, people of color, and young people. Our struggle for justice has always been about long-term change. We’ll start by preparing a strong defense against anti-choice state and federal laws, and we’ll keep building a broad, inclusive, and BOLD movement to lift coverage bans. We are prepared to be the agents of our own liberation.”

Despite the outcome of the election, advocates remain buoyed by the knowledge that the majority of American people don’t support bans on insurance coverage for abortion. Polling data released in September from Hart Research Associates shows that three in four (76 percent) battleground voters agree (including 60 percent who strongly agree) with the statement, “However we feel about abortion, politicians should not be allowed to deny a woman’s health coverage for it just because she’s poor.” There is broad consensus on this point across party lines with 76 percent of independents, 66 percent of Republicans, and 89 percent of Democrats in agreement. The poll also found that a majority of voters in battleground states would support a bill requiring Medicaid to cover abortion by a margin of 53 percent to 41 percent. Sentiment against the Hyde Amendment is especially strong among Millennials, African Americans, and Hispanics.

“Women, people of color, and immigrants know what it’s like to fight impossible odds. Our communities still need access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, and so we will keep fighting to protect and preserve that right,” said Lopez.

Since the passage of the Hyde amendment in 1976, Congress has withheld coverage for abortion services from women insured through the Medicaid program:

  • Thirty-five states and Washington, D.C. deny a woman’s coverage for abortion just because she is poor.
  • This restriction has a widespread impact for women across the country as approximately 1 in 6 women of reproductive age (15 to 44) are enrolled in Medicaid.
  • Over the years, the Hyde Amendment has been extended to deny coverage to federal employees and their dependents, military service members, Native Americans, Peace Corps volunteers, immigrants, and residents of Washington, D.C.
  • As a result of the Hyde Amendment and similar restrictions, nearly 29 million women of reproductive age do not have insurance coverage for abortion.

Research has demonstrated the impact of the Hyde Amendment on women and families:


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