Abortion Restriction & CSR Payments

As the negotiations on the CSR legislation continue, adding a restriction on abortion coverage similar to the Hyde Amendment has become a sticking point. The current law is harmful for those enrolled in Medicaid, and, despite claims from anti-abortion lawmakers that the restriction would just continue current law, adding this abortion coverage restriction for CSR payments would extend that harm to those who have private insurance and disincentivize insurers from providing abortion coverage.
Below is a quote on the attempt to add these abortion coverage restrictions from Ravina Daphtary, Director of State Strategies, All* Above All:
“Adding an abortion coverage ban to the CSR legislation is part of a cruel strategy by anti-abortion politicians to add restrictions to every bill they can. The Hyde Amendment is already an unjust obstacle to care for those struggling to get by. Restricting private insurance coverage of abortion will have far-reaching consequences and will interfere with people’s ability to make  health care decisions about ending a pregnancy. It’s time these politicians listen to the majority of voters who support insurance coverage of abortion.”