It Was a Good Night for Abortion Rights

“The pundit- and pollster-driven narrative about the economy is disconnected from the reality of voters’ lives. The decision of whether or not to become parents is a pocketbook issue. We’re seeing the groundswell of action that started with the overturn of Roe.” –Morgan Hopkins, president of All* Above All. “  

Voters Turned Out To Protect Abortion Rights In Michigan, California, And Kentucky, Just Months After Roe Was Overturned

“Victories in California, Kentucky, Michigan, Vermont, and Montana make it clear that when the issue of abortion is in the hands of the voters themselves, abortion justice wins. We know that the majority of people support access to abortion and oppose politicians interfering with our lives and decisions. Across the country, voters made it clear … Continued

The limitations of Joe Biden’s executive order on abortion

“We are glad to see the White House start to implement a whole of government approach to abortion access. But this plan, which the White House committed to months ago, is both late and not enough.” –Morgan Hopkins, the interim executive director of campaigns and strategies at All Above All, an abortion rights advocacy group.