Florida’s six-week abortion ban goes into effect, making North Carolina the nearest alternative

“Florida now joins the growing number of states where extremist politicians have banned abortion and pushed care out of reach, deepening the ongoing abortion care crisis we’re in,” said Nourbese Flint, the president of All* Above All Action Fund, in a statement. “The harm will fall hardest on people who already face systemic barriers to care and can’t afford to travel even further. For these folks, Florida’s ban may be the difference between getting an abortion or being denied.”

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“The people who would be most harmed are those who for nearly 50 years have borne the brunt of restrictions like [the] Hyde Amendment, ongoing economic injustice, and now growing abortion bans: Black and brown communities, young folks, immigrants, and other marginalized people,” said Flint. “I cannot understate, anti-abortion politicians, judges, and lobbyists were never going to stop at Dobbs, and we know that they won’t stop with medication abortion.”

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Nourbese Flint, president of All* Above All, responded to the budget in a statement released last week, stating that she’s glad to see Hyde eliminated from the budget. “The harm of Hyde is now compounded by the fallout of the Dobbs decision. Ahead of a presidential election where our fundamental freedoms are on the line, Congress must act with urgency to end this cruel restriction once and for all so that no one is denied abortion coverage just because they’re working to make ends meet. Abortion justice can’t wait,” she said.

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“Even before the Supreme Court overturned Roe, Black and Brown people were bearing the brunt of abortion restrictions. Abortion coverage bans like the Hyde Amendment fall hardest on Black and Latinx people, who are more likely to be enrolled in Medicaid,” said Nourbese Flint, president of All* Above All, a group that works to ensure abortion access

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“Nourbese Flint is the president of All* Above All and former senior director of Black leadership and engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Under her leadership, the organization recently launched the All Action PAC, a political action committee led by women of color and focused on electing candidates who champion for abortion justice.”

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“With abortion care increasingly out of reach, particularly for people working to make ends meet, this is a crucial step to ensuring that the amount of money someone has doesn’t determine their options for care. Just a few short months ago, Pennsylvania voters took to the polls to reject anti-abortion judges—this Supreme Court decision shows the power of those results,” said Nourbese Flint, president of All* Above All.

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“Let’s be clear what this case is about – it’s about banning access to the most common method of abortion that people increasingly rely on for care,” said Nourbese Flint, President of All* Above All, a pro-abortion access organization, in a statement to Truthout. “For people working to make ends meet, young people, and people who live in rural areas, being able to get medication abortion via telehealth can be the difference between getting essential care or going without. As anti-abortion politicians and judges insert politics into people’s health and wellbeing, we’re committed to centering those who bear the brunt of their antics.”