Supreme Court expansion after Texas abortion case?

Destiny Lopez, co-president of the abortion rights group All Above All, said advocates are clear-eyed about challenge the Senate poses, and want Biden to exert his pressure there. “It can’t just be the advocates doing that work. We need the president. … We need him and his administration in helping those senators really see that … Continued

Biden: Texas abortion law ‘blatantly violates’ Roe precedent

Destiny Lopez, the co-president of the group All* Above All, said two concrete demands are for the FDA to lift restrictions on distributing abortion pills by telemedicine and by mail, and for Biden to lean more heavily on Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act and EACH Woman Act — bills that would bar states … Continued

How the Pandemic Changed Abortion Access

During the pandemic, health care providers can send abortion medication by mail. Will the courts allow that to continue? “We’re on the cusp of revolutionizing the provision of care,” said Destiny Lopez, co-president of All* Above All.

A Rare Victory for Abortion Access

“We started where we thought we’d be lucky if we had 40 people on a bill at introduction,” said Destiny Lopez, copresident of All* Above All. “We now have 155 people in the House, 27 in the Senate. So it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

To Hell with the Hyde Amendment

“We’ve had forty-plus years of bad policy,” says Destiny Lopez, co-president of All* Above All, a seven-year-old, Washington, D.C.-based group working to guarantee that abortion is available to everyone who needs it. “We’re trying to move the needle on the issue and expand access. In 2014, when we began our campaign, Medicaid funding for abortion was … Continued

Biden Budget Plan Would Remove Ban on Federal Funds for Abortion

President Biden’s budget proposal removes language banning the use of federal dollars for abortions in most cases, fulfilling a campaign pledge and setting up a fight in Congress, where most Republicans are opposed to the change. The president’s budget, released Friday, doesn’t include the 1976 Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funding for abortion with exceptions … Continued