Answering the Call for Abortion Justice

“Last month marked the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe. We already see devastating consequences in its aftermath. Following decades of harmful restrictions, we are in an abortion care crisis like never before.” –Morgan Hopkins, president of All* Above All

Abortion Justice Act Introduced in Congress

“We had listening sessions with our partner organizations and asked people to dream about what new, bold proactive policies would look like. What we heard became the Action Plan, and there was no one better positioned than Ayanna Pressley to turn it into federal legislation.” –Morgan Hopkins, president of All* Above All

The end of Roe, one year later

“We hear stories of doctors who are afraid to provide care, who don’t know what the legal implications might be. We hear the same thing from patients, confusion about what the law might be, and needing to travel.” –Morgan Hopkins, the president of All Above All