The Best Way to Protect Abortion Rights Right Now Is to End a Racist, Classist, Federal Budget Amendment

March 31, 2021

“We know that, because of the Hyde Amendment, frankly, Roe hasn’t been a reality for many folks,” says Destiny Lopez, co-president of All* Above All, an abortion justice organization that has been among those leading the charge…

To Protect Our Health, We Must Enact The EACH Act

March 29, 2021
Ms Magazine

In 1977, a young woman named Rosie Jimenez lived in McAllen, Texas, not far from my home. She was a single mother, a student and a woman of ambition. When she became pregnant, she didn’t…

EACH Act: Ending A Decades-Old Abortion Coverage Ban, Prioritizing Freedom and Justice

March 26, 2021
Ms Magazine

Abortion is legal in the United States—but that’s not the same as being truly accessible. The countless barriers, including insurance coverage bans, mountain of state restrictions, and the shuttering of abortion clinics are often too much for…

EACH Act Would End Hyde Amendment and Restore Insurance Coverage for Abortion Care

March 25, 2021
Ms Magazine

Each year since 1976, anti-abortion politicians in Congress have passed the Hyde Amendment, barring coverage of abortion health care in federal insurance programs, including Medicaid—but that may soon change. On Thursday, Representatives Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Ayanna Pressley…

Legislation Targets Decades-Old Abortion Rule Banning Federal Funding

March 25, 2021

Progressives on Capitol Hill are one step closer to getting rid of some federal abortion restrictions. Democratic members of the House and Senate introduced the Each Act, Thursday, a bill aimed at permanently doing away…

U.S. Congress Introduces The EACH Act to Guarantee Abortion Coverage

March 25, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, bold legislators led by women of color in Congress introduced the EACH Act, which guarantees insurance coverage for abortion wherever people live and however much they earn. The bill comes as…

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