Here’s When The Supreme Court Could Potentially Strike Roe V. Wade Down

May 3, 2022
Elite Daily

“This leaked draft, if it becomes final, shows that the Supreme Court will outright turn its back on the fundamental right to abortion in this country and will dismantle our ability to make decisions about…

What Every Guy Needs to Know About the Scary State of Abortion Access Right Now

April 4, 2022
GQ Magazine

“The moment we are in demands that all of us—whoever we are—speak out and call for immediate action from our elected officials to enact policies that support people’s ability to access abortion care,” says Morgan…

Lessons from Rio Grande: a post-Roe mirror on abortion access

March 24, 2022
Liberation News

For more than a decade, cuts to reproductive healthcare funding, the closure of abortion clinics, and the cost of abortion services have severely limited abortion access in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). “People are basically…

HHS says it’s out of coronavirus funding

March 8, 2022
The Washington Post

Abortion rights advocates have been pushing a repeal on the restriction. But they also point to two, albeit smaller, victories in the past year: President Biden’s budget omitted Hyde Amendment language. And House Democrats passed their own long-term funding…

‘We deserve better’: Why some advocates are disappointed Biden’s State of the Union speech didn’t mention the word ‘abortion’

March 2, 2022
Market Watch

Biden has used the word “abortion” a handful of times in writing during his presidency, including in a recent proclamation marking Women’s History Month and statements about the Texas law. Morgan Hopkins, the interim executive director of campaigns and strategies…

Joe Biden: Abortion Rights ‘Under Attack As Never Before’ (Yahoo)

March 1, 2022

The president’s hesitancy to discuss abortion care is disappointing to many lawmakers and advocates who support abortion rights. “We commend President Biden for alluding to the abortion care crisis we’re in, but it’s not enough,” Morgan Hopkins,…

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