Free taxpayer-funded abortions? What Oregon’s new reproductive health law does (and doesn’t) do

May 17, 2019
Oregon Live

This summer, Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation expanding the reproductive services that insurers must provide if they sell health plans in Oregon. Among those services: abortion.

Oregon Voters Reject Anti-Abortion Constitutional Amendment

November 7, 2018
Huffington Post

Measure 106 would have banned state funds from being used for most abortions in a state with largely progressive policies on reproductive rights.

Abortion Rights Are on the Ballot in 3 States This Year

November 2, 2018
The Slot

We are just four days out from Election Day and abortion rights are on the ballot again. (Really, when are abortion rights not on the ballot? I honestly can’t remember.) This time around, three states…

Oregon’s New Law Is A Huge Victory For Reproductive Rights

August 16, 2017

On Tuesday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed into law one of the most progressive reproductive health bills in the United States.

As Oregon expands insurance coverage for abortion, Texas cuts it

August 16, 2017

Some good news and some bad news: On Tuesday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill vastly expanding insurance coverage for abortion and birth control, while in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott scaled it way back.

Oregon’s Fight For Abortion Access Didn’t Leave Anyone Behind

August 10, 2017

Oregon has achieved something that seems impossible in the Trump era: With one single piece of legislation, Oregon has protected abortion access, lifted a ban on abortion coverage, and ended restrictions on health coverage based on…

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