Amid the Bans, Abortion Advocates Are Winning Key State Victories

July 11, 2019

Despite the terrifying start to 2019 for abortion providers and their patients, June brought an unprecedented wave of wins as states like Illinois, Maine, Nevada and Vermont struck down antiquated laws and enacted new, historic protections…

Maine Just Taught Us a Bold Lesson on Abortion Rights

July 10, 2019

Three generations of women have lived under the oppressive Hyde Amendment, which bans insurance from covering abortion for people enrolled in Medicaid.

Our View: Maine should end ban on abortion funding

May 7, 2019
The Press-Herald

Money should not be the deciding factor in whether a woman can exercise her constitutional rights.

Maine supreme court weighs MaineCare abortion coverage ban

May 16, 2018
Associated Press

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A civil liberties attorney told supreme court justices Wednesday that the state is “putting its thumb on the scale of a highly personal decision” by funding care for low-income pregnant women…

Letter to the editor: Hyde Amendment hurts poor women especially

May 6, 2018
The Press-Herald

In response to Walter J. Eno’s discounting of Mindy Woerter’s criticism of the Hyde Amendment (Another View, April 29): He seems to ignore one point she makes in her op-ed relating her own painful experience: For poor women,…

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