Biden readies sweeping rollback of Trump-era abortion crackdown

January 18, 2021
NBC News

President-elect Joe Biden is poised to roll back several of the Trump administration’s most restrictive sexual and reproductive health policies, including limits on abortion. Reproductive rights advocates expect Biden to quickly overturn Trump-era rules, like…

When Biden Takes Office, Undoing Trump’s Health Policies Won’t Be Easy

January 8, 2021

Even with Democrats technically in the majority in Congress, the party split is so slim that passing major health care legislation will be extremely difficult. So speculation about President-elect Joe Biden’s health agenda has focused…

Democrats promise Biden-era abortion showdown over Hyde Amendment

December 27, 2020
NBC News

WASHINGTON — House Democrats have spent two years passing government funding legislation without picking a fight over abortion, but with President Donald Trump leaving office, party leaders say 2021 will be different.

The Supreme Court Doesn’t Hold All the Power When It Comes to Abortion Rights. Here Are 2 Things the Biden Administration Can Do to Extend Access

December 22, 2020

All eyes are on new appointments to President-elect Joe Biden’s Administration, with great speculation about which policies those appointees will change first. In particular, reproductive-rights supporters wonder what protection the Biden Administration can provide for…

Abortion rights groups look to hold Biden’s feet to the fire

December 10, 2020

We’re going to continue to fight and make sure that our voices and our policies are heard,” Planned Parenthood President ALEXIS McGILL JOHNSON told POLITICO. “It’s great to have a receptive ear on the other side, but…

With Abortion Rights Under Attack, Activists Urge Biden to Strike Hyde Amendment

December 9, 2020

Over the past four years, the tide has shifted on the topic of public funding of abortion, thanks in large part to organizing by the reproductive justice group All* Above All. “Fundamentally, there is now…

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