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Over 60 organizations urge Democrats and Republicans to stand against restrictions on abortion coverage

Sixty-one organizations have joined together to send letters to the platform committees of the Democratic and Republican parties, asking each party to take a strong stand against restrictions on abortion coverage and related restrictions in their respective party platforms. The organizations recommend the following language be adopted by the parties: Protecting Each Woman’s Autonomy and Ability to Access […]

Appropriators Must Reject Insurance Coverage and Funding Bans

One-hundred and twenty-seven organizations, committed to advancing reproductive health, rights, and justice and related social justice causes with a vision of accessible reproductive health care, improved health equity and economic security, and strong, healthy communities nationwide, have submitted the following letters to the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations and the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee. The letters strongly […]

National #AbortionPositive Tour!

We’re not shy about declaring our support for those who have made the decision that an abortion is the best option for their lives. What about you? All* Above All is joining forces with our friends at URGE to celebrate abortion access with a 5-state, 10-stop #AbortionPositive tour. Will we see you there? With 288 […]

90k Petitions to President Obama

A few weeks ago, you – like the rock-star you are – signed and shared a petition to President Obama urging him to remove abortion coverage restrictions from his budget. And this week, we delivered over 90,000 of those petitions to the White House. All* Above All seriously has the best activists. We wouldn’t want […]

100 Days for Coverage

The EACH Woman Act ensures coverage for abortion for every woman, however much she earns or however she is insured. All* Above All has featured a supporter of abortion coverage each day since the EACH Woman Act was introduced. See all 100 featured organizations and individuals. See also Congressional bill sponsors and bill endorsements.  

Support All* Above All Delegates on Capitol Hill Day

Over 200 delegates are travelling to Washington, DC, to attend All* Above All’s Capitol Hill Day. These BRAVE activists will be urging policymakers to #BeBoldEndHyde. Can you lend your support by telling Congress you stand with All* Above All? We want Capitol Hill to overflow with messages demanding legislators #BeBoldEndHyde. You can also take just one minute to tweet a […]

EACH Woman Act Introduced

The EACH Woman Act ensures coverage for abortion for every woman, however much she earns or however she is insured. Learn more about the bill, and how we’re All In for Abortion Coverage.

75 Organizations Ask Appropriators to Reject Funding Bans

Over 75 organizations committed to advancing reproductive health, rights, and justice and related social justice causes asked Senate and House Appropriations Committee Chairs to reject policy riders in the Fiscal Year 2016 appropriations legislation that would withhold insurance coverage and funding of abortion services. The letters to the House and Senate, with organizational signatures, are attached below.