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California Members of Congress Petition Trump on Climate Change and Abortion Restrictions

By Sarah D. Wire Two members of the California congressional delegation, along with other lawmakers, wrote letters to President-elect Donald Trump this week, one warning him against targeting scientists researching climate change and another asking him to eliminate restrictions on federal money being used to provide abortions. Read more.

More Than 100 Democrats Sent Trump A Letter Demanding Federal Funding For Abortions

The members of Congress want Trump to eliminate a law, reenacted yearly, called the Hyde Amendment. Ema O’Connor BuzzFeed News Reporter More than a hundred Democratic members of congress sent an open letter to President-Elect Donald Trump Monday asking him to lift the ban on the federal government’s funding of abortions. The letter, obtained first […]

How to Support Women’s Reproductive Health and Freedom

 By Alex Ronan This is excerpted from the “Reproductive Choice” episode of Lena‘s Podcast, Women of the Hour. Click here to listen to the full episode. Click here to subscribe to WOTH on iTunes. When it comes to volunteering, the hardest part will be picking where and how you spend your time. Let’s start with […]

1,000 Miles and Too Many Barriers to Count: One Woman’s Abortion Trip

 By Trina Stout Barriers to abortion access are a public health, human rights, and economic catastrophe. And it’s about to get worse. Our president-elect shrugged that people can travel to other states to get abortions. Well, I can tell you that they already do. Read more. 

Abortion Foes, Emboldened by Trump, Promise ‘Onslaught’ of Tough Restrictions

By Sabrina Tavernise and Sheryl Gay Stolberg COLUMBUS, Ohio — Christina Hagan, the youngest woman in the Ohio Legislature, received a surprise last week. The toughest piece of abortion legislation in the country — a bill she had championed for years — suddenly passed. The measure, which would ban abortions after a heartbeat is detected, […]

Don’t Worry, That Horrible New Texas Abortion Law Is Already Being Fought

By Alexandra Svokos Texas lawmakers are trying to institute a new law where aborted fetuses need to be buried or cremated. But the Avenger-like legal superhero team of the Center for Reproductive Rights and Whole Woman’s Health are absolutely not having that bullshit. The Texas law was confirmed two weeks ago, and is supposed to go […]

In 2017, women will have to more fiercely guard their right to abortion: Kim F. Chiz

Providing abortion care has never been easy. When my grandmother Dorothy was a young nurse in the 1950s, most of the abortions performed in Pennsylvania were illegal. When she and her colleagues cared for abortion patients, they were usually helping to save the lives of women who’d had illegal or self-induced abortions in a time […]