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Advocates are Crossing the Country on the Bold AF National Road Trip for Abortion Coverage

By Destiny Lopez Abortion rights advocates are hitting the road to raise awareness about the impact of the Hyde Amendment on people struggling financially and highlight the growing support among elected officials and the public to lift this policy. The national Bold AF Road Trip, part of the All* Above All campaign that unites organizations and individuals to […]

The Public Agrees: It’s Time to End the Hyde Amendment

By Destiny Lopez For 43 years, the Hyde Amendment has operated the way its namesake, Congressman Henry Hyde, intended—creating a barrier to abortion care for people struggling financially. Congress has renewed this ban on Medicaid funding of abortion care every year since it was first passed in 1976. Over the years, anti-abortion politicians have also used the […]

The Fight Against The Hyde Amendment Is Finally Seeing Results Thanks To Women Of Color

By Destiny Lopez Six years ago, when women of color leaders came together to launch All* Above All — a coalition of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations — lawmakers weren’t talking publicly about the Hyde Amendment, a federal policy that bans public health insurance programs from covering abortion care. But in 2019, repealing this harmful […]

Women with low incomes suffer with no abortion coverage

By Charo Valero and Amy Weintraub Over the past several months, we’ve witnessed anti-abortion politicians in states surrounding Florida and across the country enact a slew of anti-abortion laws aimed at limiting access to abortion for those who need it most. But what many people don’t know is that for more than four decades, a federal policy […]

The Threat of a Post-Roe America Is Already Changing How Women Get Abortions

By Nina Liss-Schultz When lawmakers in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky passed legislation this year effectively ending all or most abortions in their states, it seemed to confirm what many Americans, pro-choice and anti-abortion alike, have long anticipated: The post-Roe era is coming. Read more. 

As more states restrict abortion, others put out the welcome mat for women

By Adam Edelman Some states and cities have a message for women seeking abortions who live in places where it is becoming increasingly restricted: We’re here for you. New York City and Illinois — spurred by a slew of states that have passed laws recently to limit or ban abortion — are taking action to […]

Amid the Bans, Abortion Advocates Are Winning Key State Victories

By Katie Klabusich Despite the terrifying start to 2019 for abortion providers and their patients, June brought an unprecedented wave of wins as states like Illinois, Maine, Nevada and Vermont struck down antiquated laws and enacted new, historic protections and care expansions. By the end of May, 27 bans in 12 states had brought the total number […]

Maine Just Taught Us a Bold Lesson on Abortion Rights

By Destiny Lopez Three generations of women have lived under the oppressive Hyde Amendment, which bans insurance from covering abortion for people enrolled in Medicaid. So far, the Amendment has worked just as intended, ending coverage for more than half of reproductive-age women enrolled in Medicaid for abortion care and disproportionately hurting low-income people, especially women of […]

Why Women Getting Abortions Now Are More Likely to Be Poor

By Sabrina Tavernise GRANITE CITY, IL. — Abortion access in America is narrowing. There are fewer clinics, longer drives and more restrictions earlier in pregnancy. But something else is different: The women themselves. Women getting abortions today are far more likely to be poor than those who had the procedure done 20 years ago. Read […]