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Why Abortion Access During COVID-19 Is Being Unfairly Limited

By Kells McPhillips There also remains the problem of how people will pay for abortions during an unprecedented economic crisis. According to Kelsey Ryland, director of federal strategies at All* Above All, an abortion-rights activism group, the largest burden will fall once again on low-income people who rely on Medicaid for their health insurance. Read more. 

The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Leaves Abortion Providers Out in the Cold (Updated)

By Dennis Carter Kelsey Ryland, director of federal strategies for the reproductive justice group All* Above All, called Senate lawmakers “ruthless” for inserting anti-abortion language into the stimulus bill. “They are exploiting an emergency relief bill to further expand the Hyde Amendment in funds designed to help state, local, and tribal governments respond to this […]

47 Years After “Roe v. Wade,” Theoretical Abortion Rights Are Not Enough

By Destiny Lopez As we mark the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that legalized abortion in the United States, we need only look to a recent sneak attack by the Trump administration as a reminder that even with the ruling in place, anti-abortion politicians are hellbent on passing policies that keep the […]

The battle over abortion rights: Here’s what’s at stake in 2020

By Yelena Dzhanova Changes at the state and federal level made 2019 a volatile year for abortion access. But for activists, the fight is just heating up. Reproductive rights experts anticipate the abortion landscape to change even more dramatically in the year ahead, thanks to an onslaught of expected court rulings and new laws. Read more. 

When We Talk About Medicare, We Need to Talk About the Hyde Amendment

By Samantha Ruggiero Medicare for All has been a fiercely debated topic throughout the Democratic debates—but little attention has been given to the current harmful Medicare restrictions on abortion access. Restrictions on abortion are pushing care out of reach for many, and these laws fall especially hard on people of color, low-income people and young people. Roe v. Wade may uphold […]

How Abortion Funds Showed America That ‘Roe’ Is Not Enough

By Amy Littlefield Nilofar Ganjaie often has to ask people what belongings they can sell to help pay for their abortions. Her organization, the Northwest Abortion Access Fund (NWAAF), helps people in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska who are struggling to afford the hundreds or, later in pregnancy, thousands of dollars that an abortion costs. Read more. 

Advocates are Crossing the Country on the Bold AF National Road Trip for Abortion Coverage

By Destiny Lopez Abortion rights advocates are hitting the road to raise awareness about the impact of the Hyde Amendment on people struggling financially and highlight the growing support among elected officials and the public to lift this policy. The national Bold AF Road Trip, part of the All* Above All campaign that unites organizations and individuals to […]

The Public Agrees: It’s Time to End the Hyde Amendment

By Destiny Lopez For 43 years, the Hyde Amendment has operated the way its namesake, Congressman Henry Hyde, intended—creating a barrier to abortion care for people struggling financially. Congress has renewed this ban on Medicaid funding of abortion care every year since it was first passed in 1976. Over the years, anti-abortion politicians have also used the […]

The Fight Against The Hyde Amendment Is Finally Seeing Results Thanks To Women Of Color

By Destiny Lopez Six years ago, when women of color leaders came together to launch All* Above All — a coalition of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations — lawmakers weren’t talking publicly about the Hyde Amendment, a federal policy that bans public health insurance programs from covering abortion care. But in 2019, repealing this harmful […]