Women Are Already Being Punished for Having Abortions

By Janine Jackson, CounterSpin | Interview   
Janine Jackson: Women’s reproductive rights, never universally comfortably secure, are in clear and present danger under a Trump administration. But much media coverage of abortion has been marked by a static pro/con framing that presents it as, above all, a political football, rather than a question of women’s fundamental human rights. As Trump-emboldened lawmakers push forward more “heartbeat bills” and waiting-period restrictions, we have to ask if media will rise to the challenge, including acknowledging that, as it stands, all women are not equal when it comes to the ability to make critical reproductive choices.

Destiny Lopez is co-director of All Above All, a coalition of groups and individuals working to lift the bans that deny abortion coverage. She joins us now by phone from North Carolina. Welcome to CounterSpin, Destiny Lopez.

Destiny Lopez: Thanks so much for having me.

Donald Trump has said he’ll defund Planned Parenthood, he’ll put anti-choice justices on the Supreme Court, he’ll sign a 20-week abortion ban. We know that harassment at clinics is already up. There’s a lot to fear and to think about here. But as with other issues, I think I hear folks saying, let’s start with the most vulnerable. When it comes to abortion access, who does that mean?

So I think that means the constituencies that my campaign really focuses on and cares about: women of color and young folks. They are the ones who are disproportionately impacted by any bans on abortion, restrictions of abortion. Any attempts to undercut abortion access in this country ultimately are going to disproportionately impact those groups of women.

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