This Is Not New

Interview by Laura Hudson

Renee Bracey Sherman is determined to break down abortion stigma, and she believes storytelling is one of the most important ways to do it. She’s told the story of her own abortion countless times, not just in her own life but in news outlets from the The Atlantic to The Washington Post. An activist, advocate and writer for reproductive rights with a Master’s degree in public administration from Cornell, Bracey Sherman also wrote “Saying Abortion Aloud,” a report for the Sea Change Program on how telling personal narratives can “change hearts and minds about abortion.” She’s worked with organizations including Gay Straight Alliance Network, the Wikimedia Foundation, Forward Together, as well as Feminist Frequency itself, where she coauthored the multilingual “Speak Up and Stay Safe(r)” guide for dealing with online harassment. She spoke with FREQ about the threats to reproductive choice in the aftermath of election, and how abortion rights have been slowly eroded across the country since long before November 8.

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