Congratulations, Minnesota

We’ve got some terrific news to share out of Minnesota! As you may know, reproductive health opponents had their sights set on banning public insurance coverage of abortion for low-income women.

But thanks to the support of Minnesotans like you, that coverage remains.

The legislative session ended last week, and the state budget bill passed without an abortion coverage ban!

When a woman is living paycheck to paycheck, denying coverage for an abortion can push her deeper into poverty. Indeed, studies show that a woman who seeks an abortion but is denied is three times more likely to fall into poverty than one who is able to get an abortion.

Will you take just a minute to tell the legislators who championed the issue that you appreciate their work?

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, HHS Chair Senator Tony Lourey, Speaker of the House Paul Thissen and HHS Chair Representative Tom Huntley spoke up for Minnesota women, and they deserve a (virtual) round of applause.