Roe v. Wade is gone. It’s urgent that President Biden make clear his specific plans to ensure people can get abortion care. 

The Supreme Court ruling spares no one and the harm will fall hardest on people of color working to make ends meet. We need specific, bold plans and nothing less than the whole of government response that President Biden has promised. We need policies that ensure:

  • Abortion care is available without unnecessary hurdles or stigma for people of color working to make ends meet, young folks, LGBTQ and gender non-binary people.
  • Abortion care is accessible for immigrants without fear of deportation or detention.
  • Abortion care is available in the communities where we live.
  • Abortion care, especially medication abortion, is provided in ways that make sense for people who need abortions
  • Abortion care is covered by all public and private health insurance plans.

Make sure President Biden hears from you directly. Abortion justice can’t wait.