TELL SENATORS: LIFT the Bar on Health Care for Immigrants

Immigrants are barred for five years from enrolling in federal health insurance programs, denying them access to life-saving health care services, including abortion care. The LIFT the Bar Act would allow many immigrants to enroll in programs like Medicaid without waiting periods.

Tell the Biden Administration to Halt Immigration Checkpoints

In-state checkpoints trap our friends, neighbors, and co-workers in states like Texas, where abortion bans force people to travel for abortion care.  Urge President Biden to take immediate action and halt in-state border checkpoints so undocumented people aren’t criminalized for trying to get an abortion. Abortion justice for immigrants can’t wait.

Urge President Biden to Speak Out for Abortion Justice

A decades-old federal ban on Medicaid coverage. Escalating states attacks, including Texas’ extreme abortion ban. A Supreme Court stacked against us that is weighing a case that could decimate access. Depending on where you live, getting an abortion right now can be next to impossible, especially for people of color working to make ends meet. … Continued

Urge the Biden-Harris Administration to Support Abortion Justice

Systemic racism, economic insecurity, and immigration status multiply the already-massive barriers to abortion care–and that true abortion justice must incorporate racial, economic, and immigrant justice.

The Biden-Harris administration must enact policies that ensure everyone can get the abortion care they need to thrive in their communities and live their lives with economic security and dignity.

Tell Congress: Support The EACH Act!

The EACH Act is bold legislation that ensures that each of us, however much money we make, however we get our health insurance, and wherever we live, has insurance for abortion care.

Be Bold

Sign today and send a message to Congress to lift all restrictions of abortion coverage, so that everyone can make personal decisions that are best for their circumstances, without political interference.