Thank Abortion Justice Champions in Congress!

In the face of attacks on reproductive freedom—from Supreme Court cases to state bans—we’re showing our gratitude to elected officials in Congress who support the Abortion Justice Act and the EACH Act—two pieces of BOLD legislation that will ensure abortion is affordable, available, and accessible. Join us in letting our champion elected officials know that read more

SIGN: Tell SCOTUS to reject this latest attempt to take away our freedoms.

Anti-abortion politicians want the Supreme Court to exclude pregnant people from protections under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA), which guarantees everyone—wherever we live—the right to treatment for emergency medical conditions. They are threatening healthcare providers with jail time for doing their jobs. All families are at risk, but—due to systemic barriers—the harm … Continued

Show Your Support for Protecting Access to Medication Abortion!

Medication abortion care is a safe, effective option for ending an early pregnancy. And nearly 6 in 10 Americans support keeping it available. But right now, anti-abortion extremists are fighting tooth and nail to drastically restrict access to it through a baseless lawsuit before the Supreme Court.  Reinstating medically unnecessary restrictions on medication abortion would … Continued

Tell President Biden: No Abortion Coverage Bans in Federal Budget

Abortion coverage bans deny us the freedom to make our own decisions. As more and more anti-abortion politicians rush to ban care, President Biden must eliminate all abortion coverage bans, including the Hyde Amendment and bans that deny cover for federal employees, Native American and Indigenous communities, and more, from the federal budget. Join us … Continued

Tell Biden To Ensure Access To Medication Abortion

Medication abortion care is a safe, effective, non-invasive option for ending an early pregnancy. Despite its 20-year track record of safety, an extreme anti-abortion judge has ruled in favor of anti-abortion ideologues and is seeking to impose a national ban on mifepristone. His decision ignores the evidence and removes an FDA-approved medication from the market. … Continued

Tell Congress to vote now on the EACH Act 

Following the end of Roe v. Wade, barriers like the Hyde Amendment and insurance coverage bans keep abortion out of reach for people working to make ends meet. The majority of the public believes that abortion services should be covered by insurance. It’s time our elected officials made moves to reflect that. The EACH Act … Continued

Tell President Biden: Abortion justice for immigrants can’t wait

Right now, immigrants and people in mixed-status families face heightened barriers to abortion and are at greater risk of criminalization as states ban care in the fallout of the Supreme Court decision. Call on President Biden to: Ensure abortion access for anyone who is detained; Affirm that anyone can travel safely through immigration checkpoints without … Continued