When our vision is uncompromising, we BOLD the Future.

Trump’s election brought a daunting challenge to our doorstep, but we—women, people of color, immigrants—know what it’s like to face impossible odds. We’ve been fighting for ourselves, and each other, for generations. There’s more to do. Join us.

The future is ours to claim. We’re building it, with BOLD actions, BRAVE words, and PROACTIVE strategies to resist the bans that deny abortion coverage. From November 4-11, to mark one year since the election, All* Above All is hosting BOLD the Future week. Here’s how you can get involved.


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Take action to #BOLDtheFuture by telling our legislators to lift abortion coverage bans. http://bit.ly/actBOLD #BeBoldEndHyde

The Hyde Amendment punishes low-income people by banning abortion coverage. Let’s #BOLDtheFuture & #BeBoldEndHyde: https://allaboveall.org

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Tell Congress to Lift Abortion Coverage Bans

Easily send an email directly to your legislators and tell them to support abortion coverage.

Learn about Bans on Abortion Coverage