BOLD Toolkit


We’re done waiting. Join us and take BOLD action today and help ensure that women and families can be healthy and live with dignity. The BOLD Action Plan asks supporters to speak out, take action, and organize in their communities.

Together, we’ll lift abortion coverage bans once and for all.

Being Bold AF requires action. These resources give you the background you need to do just that.

Take Action in Your Community to Restore Abortion Coverage

  • Collect petition signatures by sharing online, through a street canvass, or tabling in your local community.
  • Get Loud AF with an anti-Hyde Spotify playlist and share it on social media or blast at your action. Check out the All* Above All Spotify page.
  • Chalk a high-traffic sidewalk or public space – like a college campus, transportation hub, or shopping district- be Visible AF.
  • Write an op-ed or letter to your local paper. Make sure to take note of your paper’s submission guidelines.

Stay involved with All* Above All and learn more about actions taking place in your community!


For more than four decades, politicians have pushed abortion out of reach for poor women, young folks, and people of color through the Hyde Amendment. Restrictions on abortion coverage fall hardest on low-income people, women of color, immigrants, transgender people, and young people.  We are Tired AF of lawmakers interfering in our personal decisions.

We deserve dignity, respect, autonomy, and opportunity.  Join us to make this Bold AF vision a reality and tell your lawmakers to end the coverage bans- forever.




Whether we can get abortion care shouldn’t depend on our income or insurance. It’s time to lift bans on abortion coverage & stop politicians from interfering in our personal decisions.
#BeBoldEndHyde #BoldAF


I’m fighting for a future where all our families can thrive, a future where all of us can get safe & affordable abortion care. I’m done with the abortion restrictions that hit hardest at low-income people.
#BeBoldEndHyde #BoldAF