Oregon covers abortion for all low-income women enrolled in Medicaid. However, many women still lack access to abortion coverage.

Oregon Announcements

Gala with Lizz Winstead

We were thrilled to have Lizz Winstead as the guest of honor at the 2013 Annual Choice Gala. We invited Lizz to come speak with us, because she acts on the belief that humor is an incredibly powerful way to cut across our political differences and speak to the common good. The national attack on […]

Taking Bold Action to Lift Abortion Coverage Bans

Charleston, West Virginia wouldn’t at first glance seem to have much in common with Cerritos College, a predominantly Latino community college with its campus in Los Angeles. But thanks to the All* Above All campaign, both are places where people are mobilizing in support of their shared belief that every woman, however much she makes or wherever she lives, […]