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130 Organizations Sign Letter for a Budget without Abortion Coverage Restrictions

130 organizations submitted the following letter to President-elect Trump’s transition team. The letter strongly urges the new Administration to eliminating the Hyde Amendment, as well as related abortion coverage and care restrictions, from the President’s FY 2018 Budget request to Congress and veto any bill that makes permanent current coverage restrictions or expands them to new populations.

106 Lawmakers Send Bold Letter Asking Trump To Aid Those Who Need Abortions

By Alexandra Svokos 106 Democratic members of Congress sent a letter to Donald Trump demanding he get rid of the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment says federal funds can’t be used for abortions. So that means women on Medicaid, as well as federal employees, members of the Peace Corps and military — women who get health […]

California Members of Congress Petition Trump on Climate Change and Abortion Restrictions

By Sarah D. Wire Two members of the California congressional delegation, along with other lawmakers, wrote letters to President-elect Donald Trump this week, one warning him against targeting scientists researching climate change and another asking him to eliminate restrictions on federal money being used to provide abortions. Read more.