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House Passes Ban on Abortion Coverage by Insurers in Obamacare Exchanges

by MARY EMILY O’HARA With a professed pro-life president now in the White House in Donald Trump, Congressional Republicans made their first move to curtail abortion rights on Wednesday. The legislation, H.R. 7, bans the use of federal funding for abortion services. That means no Medicaid coverage of abortions, no funding to organizations like Planned […]

Our Anti-Abortion Nightmares Are Coming At Us, Fast and Furious

On his first full day in the Oval Office, Trump signed a global gag rule. Yesterday the House passed HR 7, making permanent the Hyde Amendment. Is this the end of abortion rights in the U.S.?  By  Robin Marty When it comes to federal abortion policy, some things are as regular as clockwork. If Congress […]