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The GOP Health-Care Plan Would Effectively Dismantle Insurance Coverage for Abortion

By Christina Cauterucci President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-WI. Zach Gibson/Getty Images On Monday, House Republicans revealed the plan they want to replace the Affordable Care Act. There are a few things to celebrate: The GOP decided to drop a segment of an earlier draft that would have allowed insurers […]

States and Cities Push Back on Reproductive Health Attacks

By Katie Klabusich, Truthout | Report   The lesson to take from the loss of 1,000 state legislative seats and 27 legislative chambers since 2010 is that it’s time to do things differently: to end the practice of simply opposing harmful legislation and to go on offense. (Photo: Jordan Uhl / Flickr) In the face […]

Why You Might See Fewer Women on Wednesday

Although some men in America believe it’s easier to be a woman, that simply isn’t the case — and women are planning to remind men of that. Unfortunately, there’s ample proof that the United States is falling behind in gender equality: women earn 83 percent of what men make, there are no comprehensive measures allowing […]

Wearing White is Not Enough: A Conversation With Cherisse Scott of SisterReach

Last night during President Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress, all of the women Democrats dressed in white to signify the suffrage movement and to signal to the president that they’ll be watching how he navigates gender equality. Without getting into the whole mess of how wearing white actually hearkens to a very […]

Abortion Restrictions Negatively Impact The Most Vulnerable People In The United States The Most, Shows Yet Another Study, & It’s Proof Of How Much Safe, Legal Abortion Access Is Needed

By MEGAN GRANT The fight for reproductive rights, control over our bodies, and access to safe and affordable healthcare is an ongoing one. While we’ve enjoyed certain victories, there are still many unsettling truths that remain — one of which is the fact that abortion restrictions affect the most vulnerable people people in the United […]