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Abortion Behind Bars

Terminating a pregnancy in prison can be next to impossible. Rebecca Grant In March 2004, a 19-year-old Arizona woman was sentenced to four months in Maricopa County jail for a DUI, shortly after discovering she was pregnant. She asked for a delay in her sentencing hearing so she could obtain an abortion, but the prosecutor […]

Reproductive Justice Discussion Connects Abortion and Economic Issues

At the Crossroads of Economic and Reproductive Justice Panel (InsideSources/Erin Mundahl) Since the introduction of the new healthcare bill, women’s health issues are back in the news. As Congress works out the details of the replacement plan, many left-leaning women’s groups are watching carefully to see how women’s health fares in the redrafting process. Although […]

Brianna Wu Wants to Change the Democrats’ Playbook

Interview by ANA MARIE COX Brianna Wu CreditAndrew T. Warman for The New York Times Many people are familiar with you as a prime target of Gamergate, a harassment campaign against women in the video-game community. Considering the flood of abuse you received, why would you decide to do something as high-profile as run for […]