Acts of Boldness

Congresswoman Barbara lee Congresswoman
Barbara Lee

“The EACH Woman Act is a bold and groundbreaking step forward. This legislation would ensure that every woman can access ALL of her healthcare options…”

chicago schakowsky Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

“Women and their doctors should make medical decisions, not politicians.”

degettesquare Congresswoman
Diana DeGette

“The vast majority of Americans think that a woman’s private health care decisions should be made between herself, her family, and her doctor.”

Slaughter square Congresswoman
Louise Slaughter

“It is grounded in the principle of equality for all Americans, and the fundamental right at the heart of the American experiment — that every individual can decide to live their life based upon their conscience, their decisions and their beliefs.”

Thurgood_Marshall_APPROVED big Justice Thurgood Marshall

“The Hyde Amendment [is] designed to deprive poor and minority women of the constitutional right to choose abortion.”

NNAFphoto National Network of Abortion Funds

“Abortion Funds are on the front-lines heeding calls nationwide from those who need, but cannot afford or access healthcare. The EACH Woman Act is a pivotal step toward making sure that ALL people with insurance can access all of their pregnancy options, regardless of income.”

Image_APPROVED National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

“Many Asian American and Pacific Islander women struggle to make ends meet–almost one-third of all Hmong, Burmese, and Bangladeshi American women in our community live in poverty. NAPAWF is all in to lift bans on abortion coverage to ensure their voices are heard.”


“NARAL Pro-Choice America supports lifting the ban on abortion coverage because reproductive freedom is economic freedom!”

AFY100 Advocates for Youth

“Advocates for Youth believes reproductive justice is inextricably linked with economic justice. We must stand up for young women and those living in poverty who are left struggling to access the abortion care they need because of stigma-induced bans on abortion coverage.”

Moore_APPROVED crop Congresswoman
Gwen Moore

“Low-income, particularly women of color, have been disproportionately affected by the implementation of Hyde.”

Western States Center Western States Center

“Western States Center supports lifting abortion bans because people should be able to expect love and support instead of shame and silence.”

WillieParkerPhoto2square Dr. Willie Parker

“All health insurance plans should cover abortion. Whether it is federally funded, whether it is private insurance.” Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

“The abortion ban [restricting local DC funds from covering abortion] deprives DC’s low-income women of the reproductive rights exercised by other American women.”

IOOVcentered In Our Own Voice / National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda

“The EACH Woman Act puts reproductive health decisions back in the hands of the woman, whether she has private or government-funded health insurance. This allows her to make the important personal decisions that are best for herself and her family.”

grijalva sq Congressman Raul Grijalva

“It’s time to repeal that Hyde Amendment that has been both discriminatory and punitive to women as a whole and discriminatory to women of color and poor women in this country.”

New York Street Team (1) All* Above All 2 Year Anniversary

“As those who are most affected when politicians withhold abortion coverage, millennials and people of color are standing up to the continued avalanche of attempts to disenfranchise them and their decision-making.”

Quigley Congressman Mike Quigley

“The reality is, by banning public funds for abortion services, we are denying access to legal and constitutionally protected services. Having a right and being able to exercise that right are two very different things.”

Mike Honda_APPROVED sq Congressman Mike Honda

“…Access to full pregnancy care should not be denied to a woman because she is poor. Congress should not be able to deny women the right to make her own reproductive decisions. How long do we have to say that? How long? “

EWA_100Days_CRRLogo (1) Center for Reproductive Rights

“Countries around the world have government health programs that provide insurance coverage for abortion. Not the United States. The Center for Reproductive Rights supports the EACH Woman Act because every woman deserves the care she needs—no matter her income or where she lives.”

JudyChu_sq Congresswoman Judy Chu

“We know that this attack on poor women is an attack on all women. By denying federal insurance coverage of abortion, Hyde puts this access out of reach for so many. We cannot sit back and watch the constitutional right of women deteriorate any further.”

DWS sq Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“Stand up, be bold and take action to lift restrictions on abortion coverage–support the EACH Woman Act.”

RBGsq Supreme Court Justice
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“A woman who can afford a plane ticket or a bus ticket will have a choice. Women who won’t have that choice are poor women.”

Ruben_Gallego_sq Congressman Ruben Gallego

“Proud to co-sponsor & support the EACH Woman Act to lift bans on abortion coverage.”

Earl_Blumenauer_APPROVED sq Congressman Earl Blumenauer

“Women have the right to make their own personal reproductive decisions – why I support the EACH Woman Act.”

jerry Nadler_APPROVED sq Congressman Jerrold Nadler

“…it is neither justifiable nor necessary to prevent the federal funding of abortion. It is a frontal assault on the liberty and dignity of all American women.”

Photo_APPROVED sq Physicians for Reproductive Health

“Patients deserve access to safe, legal, and compassionate care regardless of how much money they make or how they are insured. Physicians for Reproductive Health is all in because our patients deserve dignity, respect, and access to all reproductive health care options.”

winstead sq Lizz Winstead and Lady Parts Justice

“Abortion services are needed by women across all racial and economic lines. To make it available only to the privileged is un-American.”

sqRHTP Reproductive Health Technologies Project

“The Reproductive Health Technologies Project believes politicians shouldn’t be able to deny abortion coverage to a woman just because she’s poor. A right without access is no right at all.”

APPROVED_PHOTO Carolina Abortion Fund

“Carolina Abortion Fund was founded out of the need created by both private and government funded bans on abortion coverage in North Carolina. We support the EACH Woman Act and the powerful impact it will have on those who call us needing help paying for their abortions.”

APPROVED_photo sq Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

“All people should be able to decide whether and when to parent based on what’s best for their families, not whether they can afford care. We support lifting bans on abortion coverage to increase access and ensure that policies reflect our lives and experiences.”

De Lauro Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

“The EACH Woman Act says that every women is entitled to make that decision and that politicians should not be interfering, no matter how much a woman earns, no matter how she is insured, she has the right to abortion coverage. “

APPROVED_logo sq Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center

“Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center supports lifting the bans that deny abortion coverage because a woman in charge of her body is in charge of her life.”

Photo_APPROVED Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

“We should be providing access to women’s health care so low-income women would have the same opportunities to determine their own health care decisions as other women who have the access, but Federal funds haven’t been allowed for many, many years now.”

LGB_APPROVED sq Black Women’s Health Imperative

“The Black Women’s Health Imperative supports the EACH Woman Act because its passage would lift the restrictions to access to abortion for millions of women of reproductive age who are enrolled in Medicaid.” -Linda G. Blount

acn sq Abortion Care Network

“Everyday abortion care providers see the real life impact on women, people and families when politicians interfere in health care decisions. The EACH Woman Act is an essential piece of legislation to ensure abortion care access, and we are proud to partner in this effort.”

APPROVED_photo Women’s Medical Fund

“As an abortion fund in Pennsylvania, everyday we see the prohibitive impact abortion restrictions have on women struggling to get by. We need the EACH Woman Act so politicians can no longer interfere with our decisions about abortion regardless of our income, where we live, or how we are insured.”

Photo_Rep Bonamici_sq Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici

“Many low income women receive Medicaid or insurance policies that do not cover abortion. That is wrong, it’s unfair, it’s a restriction that must be lifted.”

Rep Swalwell_sq Congressman Eric Swalwell

“Abortion has been legal for 40+ yrs. Time to #BeBoldEndHyde and stop denying poor women access to this legal procedure.”

Photo_APPROVED Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board

“The President and members of the Board of Commissioners of Cook County call for increased federal and state funding for comprehensive reproductive health care and to reinstate coverage for abortion services for women enrolled in public insurance programs.”

APPROVED_Logo (JPG) sq West Virginia Free

“Every woman knows what decision is the best for her body and her family. WV FREE supports women having a choice in their reproductive health.”

photo_approved sq National Center for Lesbian Rights

“The National Center for Lesbian Rights supports the EACH Woman Act because with its passage women across the country, regardless of income, will be able to decide whether and when to parent based on what is best for them and their families.”

sq lawrence 2_APPROVED Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence

“As a woman, as a member of Congress, and as a proud America I will continue to fight so that all women, regardless of their zip code or their health insurance coverage, have equal access to reproductive health care.”

APPROVED_photo New York Abortion Access Fund

“Each day, NYAAF works with clients who are unable to afford the full cost of their abortion and the clinics who serve them. We are thrilled to partner with All* Above All to make abortion affordable and accessible in every state, including those that cover abortion with state funds under Medicaid.”

sq WIN 580x580-01 v.2-01 Women’s Information Network

“The Women’s Information Network (WIN) believes that all women should have access to an abortion, no matter their economic status or location, and we proudly support The EACH Woman Act.”

ALL* Above All made its Be Bold road trip stop in San Francisco on Thursday, August 14, 2014. (Photo by Bonnie Chan) Congresswoman Jackie Speier

“The Hyde amendment represents that reprehensible law that suggests it’s okay to discriminate against women and it’s particularly okay to discriminate against poor women. And it’s time for us to shut that amendment down, get rid of it and put it into history books.”

sq image_APPROVED Repeal Hyde Art Project

“We envision a world where people can choose to parent or not to parent with dignity, support, and respect. We are a proud supporter of the EACH Woman Act, a revolutionary piece of legislation that moves us closer to making that vision a reality.”

sqAPPROVED_photo Pro-Choice Resources

“At PCR we envision a world free of reproductive oppression.  Denying a person abortion access for any reason is an act of reproductive oppression.  The EACH Woman Act would secure abortion coverage for millions of people and represent a giant step forward for reproductive justice.”

sqLogo_APPROVED National Partnership for Women and Families

“Every woman deserves the ability to make her own health care decisions, regardless of income or source of insurance. As we celebrate Women’s Equality Day and the 95th anniversary of women’s right to vote, we must continue to fight for full equality for all women.”

Photo_Alma Adams_APPROVED Congresswoman Alma Adams

“It’s time to end the debate about a woman’s right to choose. The EACH Woman Act does just that!”

APPROVED_photo ACCESS Women’s Health Justice

“ACCESS envisions a future where there is an end to poverty and all affirm the right to self determination. The EACH Woman Act takes a bold step toward this vision. We are proud to live in Representative Lee’s district and support her fight for reproductive justice.”

sqEdward_brooke_senator_public domain_APPROVED Senator Edward Brooke

“If we now restrict or ban Medicaid funding for abortions, the government will accomplish for poor women indirectly what the 1973 [Supreme Court] opinion expressly forbade it to do directly…a right without access is no right at all.

sqPhoto_Van Hollen_APPROVED Congressman Chris Van Hollen

“Limiting reproductive rights for low-income women is unjust and dangerous. I’m proud to support the EACH Woman Act!”

sqPhoto_APPROVED NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

“NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon supports lifting abortion bans because ALL people should have the power and resources to make personal decisions for themselves and their families.”

sqAPPROVED_logo Ipas

“Wherever they live, regardless of their economic status, women need comprehensive reproductive health services, including abortion. We are All* In because we oppose policies that restrict federal funding for legal abortion care, through the Hyde Amendment at home and the Helms Amendment on foreign aid.”

sqNWLCLogo_APPROVED National Women’s Law Center

“The National Women’s Law Center believes it’s critical every woman has access to abortion regardless of her income, age, race, ethnicity, type of insurance coverage, or zip code and is a proud sponsor of the EACH Women Act.”

sqAPPROVED_logo Jewish Women International

“Each woman deserves the right to make her own healthcare choices, according to her own conscience and circumstance. JWI supports the EACH Woman Act because it protects every woman’s ability to build a healthy and secure future, regardless of her income or insurance.”

Photo_APPROVED North Dakota Women in Need Fund

“We look forward to the end of bans on abortion coverage. We support the EACH Woman Act because every woman has the right to bodily autonomy and all women should have access to reproductive health care, regardless of economic circumstance or location.”

sqSamFarr_APPROVED Congressman Sam Farr

Thank you Rep. Sam Farr for being a supporter of the EACH Woman Act!

sqABB Logo (1)_APPROVED A Better Balance

“Motherhood is one of the greatest risk factors for poverty in the United States. As a matter of economic opportunity, all women, regardless of income, should have the freedom and support they need to decide whether and when to parent a child.”

sqroc u black logo_APPROVED Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United

“The restaurant industry’s low wages shouldn’t prevent anyone from accessing safe and affordable abortion care. Because women make up the majority of restaurant workers, especially tipped workers, ROC United supports efforts to ensure everyone can decide when, how, and if they want to become a parent.”

APPROVED_Logo Legal Voice

“Restrictions on abortion coverage make choice elusive in practice; a woman’s options depend on where she lives, how much money she makes, and how she is insured. Legal Voice supports lifting these bans so that the promise of choice can become a reality for all.”

sqLogo_APPROVED SisterReach

“Women and girls of color, poor and rural women are some of America’s most vulnerable populations. Access to safe and affordable abortion coverage is their human right and an opportunity for survival within a system that has turned its ass to the poor and disenfranchised.”

sqAPPROVED_Logo Reproductive Health Access Project

“The Reproductive Health Access Project is All* in to support the EACH Woman Act because we believe abortion care is basic health care that should be accessible to everyone!”

APPROVED_Photo Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund

“We proudly support the Each Woman Act because the ability to get an abortion shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for those with more money. We join demanding a full spectrum of reproductive healthcare options for all, no matter their income, insurance provider, or zip code.”

APPROVED_Photo Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance

“APALA is committed to advance worker, immigrant, and civil rights through organizing, advocacy and education in the AAPI community. We support efforts like the EACH Woman Act to ensure everyone can decide when, how, and if they want to parent without facing discriminatory policies.”

sqNCAPA 2015 logo copy_APPROVED National Council of Asian Pacific Americans

NCAPA strongly supports equal access to affordable reproductive health care for all women. The EACH Woman Act would lift barriers to health coverage and enable our Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities to make their decisions without political interference.

sqCCCA_FInal_logo_300_APPROVED Center for Community Change Action

“The Center for Community Change Action supports the EACH Women Act because economic justice necessitates women have access to safe, affordable, reproductive care. It’s fundamental to everything else we fight for every day. The EACH Women Act is an important step in the right direction.”

Photo 1_APPROVED National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

“The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health is ALL* in to lift coverage bans and build toward the day when every Latin@ is able to live with salud, dignidad, y justicia.”

sqAPPROVED_Photo Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program, Hampshire College

“Abortion access for all IS reproductive justice. We support removing economic barriers so that a full range of pregnancy-related care, including abortion, is a real choice for all people.”

sq APPROVED_Logo National Institute for Reproductive Health

“We support the EACH Woman Act because each woman should have the right and ability to access abortion care if it’s the right decision for her and her family. We’re proud to support the movement for abortion coverage in cities and states across the country.”

WHOO-Preterm-photo_APPROVED Preterm and
Women Have Options

“Preterm and Women Have Options believe that each woman should be able to make the best reproductive health decisions for her circumstances!”

Photo_APPROVED Congressman Ami Bera

Thank you Rep. Ami Bera for being a supporter of the EACH Woman Act!

APPROVED_Photo Positive Women’s Network

“Positive Women’s Network- USA advances rights, dignity and justice for women living with HIV.  We are ALL IN to support efforts like the EACH Woman Act to ensure everyone has the right to decide when, how, and if they want to parent without facing discrimination and barriers to access.”

IMG_2408 copy_APPROVED Congresswoman Lois Frankel

“Whether you’re a hotel maid or a banker, the amount of money in your pocket should not determine your access to care.”

sqlogo_APPROVED Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

“Policies that deny coverage in order to make abortion care unaffordable have a disparate impact on women of color. COLOR is all in because we believe that every person should be able to decide for themselves whether they are ready to parent.”

sqGuttmacher_173_orange_3in_APPROVED Guttmacher Institute

“The Guttmacher Institute strongly supports the EACH Woman Act. Achieving true equity in access to abortion coverage for low-income women goes to the heart of what it means to possess a right to safe and legal abortion that is not merely theoretical, but also meaningful.”

sqAPPROVED_Photo Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

“America is at its best when our laws match our compassion. We must remove these bans and respect that each woman has the God-given ability to make her own decisions about when, how, and under what circumstances to become a parent.”

sqAPPROVED_Photo New Orleans Abortion Fund

“Every day, NOAF’s hotline lights up with calls from women throughout Louisiana seeking financial assistance to pay for their abortion care. By ensuring abortion coverage regardless of economic situation, the EACH Woman Act guarantees all women the right to control their bodies and their destinies.”

sqKME Official Photo_APPROVED Congressman Keith Ellison

Thank you Rep. Ellison for being a supporter of the EACH Woman Act!

sqJohn_Conyers_113th_Congress Congressman John Conyers

Thank you Rep. Conyers for being a supporter of the EACH Woman Act!

sqTonyCárdenas Congressman Tony Cárdenas

Thank you Rep. Cárdenas for being a supporter of the EACH Woman Act!

photo_APPROVED Congressman Hank Johnson

Thank you Rep. Johnson for being a supporter of the EACH Woman Act!

Photo_APPROVED National LGBTQ Task Force

“We fully support the EACH Woman Act.  For decades, studies have shown that young lesbian and bisexual women are twice as likely as straight women to become pregnant, therefore access to abortion is an issue that directly impacts LGBTQ people.”

APPROVED Chicago Abortion Fund

“We believe all women deserve access to abortion care regardless of race or class. The EACH Woman Act would make that a reality for many of our callers. We BOLDLY support the EACH Woman Act!”

sqrosiejimenezphoto In memory of Rosie Jimenez

We honor the memory of Rosaura Jiménez, Latina mother, Texan, and teaching student who on, October 3, 1977, died from an unsafe abortion because the Hyde Amendment denied her health coverage for a safe and legal abortion.

sqIMG_3015 copy_APPROVED Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham

Thank you Rep. Lujan Grisham for being a supporter of the EACH Woman Act!

sqJimMcdermott Congressman Jim McDermott

Thank you Rep. McDermott for being a supporter of the EACH Woman Act!


“The EACH Woman Act brings us closer to a world where all young people can access the reproductive healthcare they need – including abortion – without facing unnecessary barriers.”

NCJWtest National Council of Jewish Women

“NCJW is ALL IN for the EACH Woman Act because Judaism teaches us to pursue justice for all. Every individual — regardless of their income, insurance, or zip code — has the right to make their own decision about abortion, based on their own faith and circumstances.”

sqLogo_APPROVED Center for American Progress

“Lifting the bans on abortion coverage ensure that all women have the ability to make their own health care decisions and invest in their full potential.”

lgphoto_approved Lilith Fund and Texas Equal Action Fund

“TEA Fund and Lilith Fund believe Texans deserve access to comprehensive healthcare — and that abortion IS healthcare. No one should be denied access due to income, race, sexual orientation, language barriers, immigration status or geographic region. That’s why we enthusiastically support the EACH Woman Act!”

smImage_APPROVED 9to5

“9to5 organizes for family-sustaining wages and workplace policies, and an end to discrimination and poverty. We support the EACH Woman Act because all women must have the power and resources to decide if and when to have children. It’s a matter of basic economic security.”


sqphoto_APPROVED Senator Dianne Feinstein

Speaking about the Hyde Amendment in the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act debate on the floor of the Senate, Senator Feinstein said, “…it is about our reproductive systems. This has been a battle for our identity.”

sqLogo_APPROVED Planned Parenthood Federation of America

“For far too long, America has penalized low-income women seeking safe, legal abortion. The EACH Woman Act helps right that wrong and ensure every woman — no matter how much money she makes, or what insurance she has — to get the care she needs.”

sqAPPROVED_Logo Women’s Health Specialists

“For 40 years, we’ve advocated for a world where women control their own bodies, reproduction, and sexuality. Through nine feminist clinics in California, we provide abortion care and reach out to our own communities, state, and nation to reduce abortion stigma and stand for reproductive justice.”

sq image white National Women’s Health Network

“Denying a woman coverage for abortion care because she is poor is unfair and unjust. The National Women’s Health Network boldly stands with All* Above All and our allies in support of the EACH Woman Act to restore abortion coverage for low-income women.”

sqAPPROVED_Logo National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association

“NFPRHA represents publicly funded family planning providers nationwide, and consistently sees the negative impact on women and families when ideologically driven restrictions on access to abortion are imposed. NFPRHA believes all women should have access to abortion care regardless of income or insurance status.  “

sqForward-Together-logo_APPROVED Forward Together

“Every person deserves the power and resources they need to make personal decisions for themselves and their families – that’s why it’s PAST time to lift the bans on abortion coverage!”

sqPhoto_APPROVED A is For

“A is For is dedicated to eradicating abortion stigma because abortion is health care and a human and constitutional right. Bans on abortion coverage are a violation of those rights. It’s well past time to remove these bans and promote access to safe abortion care.”

sqgreen We are BRAVE.

We are engaging in #ActsofBoldness big and small to show our support for lifting the bans that deny abortion coverage. We are UNITED. We are ready to make Hyde history. Join us.

sqLDM_HeadshotLeft2015 La’Tasha D. Mayes

“We have to petition our own government for reproductive justice. That’s our duty and so we are here to guide our elected officials. One of the reasons New Voices is called  New Voices is that we have to speak on our own behalf. And that’s why we do this work.”

sqPortrait for Website Alli Martin

“It is past time that Congress act to ensure abortion coverage for all people, regardless of how much they earn or how they are insured.”

sqCPphoto Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

“Is child care available and affordable if she is going to need to work? Is abortion covered by her health plan or by Medicaid if she qualifies for assistance? If not, then maybe she’s not really getting that chance to decide for real.” Read more from Congresswoman Pingree.

steinemcredited Gloria Steinem

“[Roe v. Wade]…has been already overturned for poor women who are dependent on government funding…because we won’t pay for abortions because of the Hyde Amendment.”

bikeride Katie Monroe: #EndHydeBikeRide

“I organized the #EndHydeBikeRide in Philly because I knew that the Women Bike PHL community I organize could be more directly engaged in the reproductive justice efforts happening right now in Philadelphia. It was a JOY to spend a Saturday biking around the city with 30+ people, hearing from speakers working in reproductive justice, and raising money and support for Women’s Medical Fund.

I will shout it from the rooftops, shout it from my bicycle seat, shout it by myself and shout it with my community: Every single woman deserves access to abortion care, in Philadelphia and throughout our country. Regardless of her race, regardless of her zip code, regardless of her income. No exceptions.”

sqSPAWN ON ME Kahlief Adams: Spawn on Me
“We at the Spawn On Me podcast understand that all encompassing healthcare is a right and we want to do what we can to support those fighting for those rights. Congressional barriers to necessary healthcare is something we want to push back against in any way we can. Through our gaming activism platform #Spawn4Good and our event #S4G2 we decided to tackle the issue of reproductive rights and abortion access for women, transgender, and non-binary people because we believe these are rights we should all be fighting for!”


VAdelegates Virginia Legislators
Boysko and McEachin

Thank you to Virginia Delegate Jennifer Boysko and Senator A. Donald McEachin, who sponsored legislation that would have overturned the current ban on abortion insurance coverage within the Virginia state health exchange.


sqBonnie_Watson_Coleman_official_portrait Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqbww_logo_wordpress Black Women for Wellness

An abortion is not a right if it is too expensive to afford, yet Congress has forced the poorest of our people to pay out of pocket while other medical procedures are covered by Medicaid. An abortion is not a right if there is no one who can perform it within 100 miles, yet state legislatures have been allowed to shutter clinics with medically unnecessary regulations, and federal courts reply that if patients drive farther it isn’t an “undue burden.””

sqpic 2 Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Thank you, Congresswoman Johnson, for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

Frederica_Wilson_official_House_portrait Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqMonica SisterSong

“I direct a Reproductive Justice organization and we do work to ensure that abortions remain legal and safe and that women have the human right to access an abortion when needed regardless of a woman’s locality, economic or immigration status.” – Monica R. Simpson, Executive Director

sqnaf_vert_RGB National Abortion Federation

“For too long, policies like the Hyde Amendment and state insurance bans have withheld coverage for safe, legal abortion care. It’s unconscionable that we have allowed politicians to take away some women’s decisions just because of where they live or their income level. NAF runs a toll-free Hotline, which provides options counseling, unbiased information, referrals to high-quality providers, case management support, and limited financial assistance to women seeking abortion care. The NAF Hotline hears from nearly 5,000 women each week who are desperate to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, but frequently cannot—because of law, because of circumstances, and because of the decisions of politicians who think they know better.”

– Vicki Saporta, President and CEO of the National Abortion Federation


sqRobin_Kelly_113th_Congress Congresswoman Robin Kelly

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqFabiola Carrion Photo Fabiola Carrión

“Our families deserve better than this. Florida politicians want to strip our rights, shut down our clinics, and stigmatize our health providers and think they can get away with it. I say we fight back — who’s with me?”

Dina_Titus_official_photo_2009 sq Congresswoman Dina Titus

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

Rep_Nita_Lowey sq Congresswoman Nita Lowey

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sq740px-Linda_Sánchez_headshot Congresswoman Linda Sánchez

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqKathy_castor Congresswoman Kathy Castor

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqJoyce_Beatty_congressional_photo Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act

sq brownley Congresswoman Julia Brownley

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqCrystal Crystal Paradis

“The Hyde Amendment in one fell swoop accepts the premise that a completely legal medical procedure is something of which to be ashamed, and that poor people should be subject to have their health care choices screened by politicians. This is how our rights and voices are stripped away — death by a thousand cuts.

sqNydia_Velázquez Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqRobert_Scott_official_photo_portrait_color Congressman Bobby Scott

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqdownload Congressman Bill Foster

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqRep Congresswoman Corrine Brown

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqSeth_Moulton Congressman Seth Moulton

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sq1AMSA photo American Medical Student Association

“AMSA supports the EACH Woman Act because we believe all patients deserve a right to safe, affordable healthcare. This includes reproductive health services for women and that includes abortion services, which are currently out of reach for women on Medicaid. As future docs, we advocate for lifting Hyde so that women can have access to safe, affordable, and essential reproductive health services.” –Dr. Alison Case, AMSA Education and Advocacy Fellow

sqDanny_K Congressman Danny Davis

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqRubengu Congressman Rubén Hinojosa

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqKatherine_Clark_2013 Congresswoman Katherine Clark

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqMark_Takai_Official_Photo Congressman Mark Takai

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sqGrace_Meng_Official_Congressional_Photo Congresswoman Grace Meng

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sq23O1qePzP Congressman Ted Lieu

Thank you for your BOLD support of the EACH Woman Act!

sq seiu logo Service Employees International Union
“Low wages should not deny a woman the right to access the health care she needs.  The EACH Woman Act helps ensure that women are not discriminated against due to the type of insurance coverage they have or their income.”